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16 Things That Happened During Malcolm Turnbull's Campaign Launch

Tony Abbott looked.... broken.

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1. It's been 49 days and we're six days out from the election so naturally the prime minister decided to hold a "campaign launch"! The Labor party where there too making its presence felt at the western Sydney event with a special Snapchat geo-filter for users inside the venue.

Very very clever. Labor launch "Save Medicare" Snapchat geo-filter... where Turnbull is launching his campaign

2. The Liberal party were prepared with a couple of gorgeous "Dogs and grrrrowth" who were "fetching votes for Turnbull".

#librally πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

4. But whose idea was it to get him to stand in front of a green screen?

See, THIS is beyond the Great Dividing Range.


5. Because Barnaby, who has a reputation for threatening the lives of animals, became photoshop fodder for wildlife habitats.

6. Quack, quack, quack Mr Joyce.

8. Up the back of the room, behind the cameras, national campaign director Tony Nutt was still directing the action as MC... introducing the main event.

Like the Wizard of Oz, Campaign Director Tony Nutt is actually the MC from behind the cameras.


9. Turnbull arrived and thanked everyone there including the guy he knifed. According to cameramen there at the time, Abbott was heard telling Turnbull "well done mate. Good stuff mate."

10. But when Turnbull started talking he looked ~shattered~.

mfw you're saying I should feel good but really I feel nothing

11. Sad Tony was really sad.


13. Turnbull ran through the usual points and also announced new funding for mental health. He said a re-elected government would guarantee funding for Headspace, the youth mental health foundation that runs centres around the country.

Paul Miller / AAPIMAGE

The funding will provide for an additional five centres, taking the number of dedicated health facilities around the country to 105 by 2019.

BuzzFeed News told Headspace CEO Chris Tanti about the announcement, he responded "that's great news!".

"There has been significant uncertainty right across the mental health sector and particularly in Headspace. The reassurance of the PM and Susan Ley, the minister of health, is critical to the stability of the Headspace platform."

14. There's even funds being set aside to teach old people to use computers.

Turnbull just announced an investment in Seniors digital literacy skills.

15. Though some of the slogans being projected on massive screens around the room were a little, well, questionable.

16. And inspiring.