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    13 Tips For Getting Through A Tough Week

    Don't let this week be another same old boring week.

    1. Use an app to block online distractions so you can get to work.

    2. Force yourself to get up from your desk once an hour. Walk around the office, grab a snack.

    3. When you snack, try something besides sugar!

    4. Set aside some real time to unwind when your work is done for the day.

    5. Listen to your body, give yourself permission to take it easy if you're not feeling great.

    6. Cook yourself a real meal! Try something you've never heard of before.

    7. Let dinner be your activity for an evening, don't just resort to the same old food you always make.

    8. Consciously spend some more time listening. Contribute when you really have something to say.

    9. Ask more questions. (Make sure they're good ones!)

    10. Call up an old friend, just to see how they're doing.

    11. Allow yourself to loosen up a little, don't focus as much on keeping up appearances.

    12. In fact, maybe force yourself to take a break from social media for part of your day.

    13. And when you decide to treat yourself, give yourself the time and space to fully enjoy it.

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