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    Shay Mitchell Says Mom-Shamers Aren't "About Her": "It’s About These Other People"

    She's not one to feed the trolls.

    Where there's a baby, there's likely a mom-shamer — and, unfortunately, that's all the more true for celebrities in the post-social media era. Shay Mitchell, though, isn't letting the trolls get her down.

    The actor has dismissed mom-shamers like a pro before, as she did after posting a photo from Drake's birthday party in the wake of giving birth to her daughter Atlas Noa. And, she recently shared her coping strategy for dealing with negative comments on her parenting.

    When talking about how she's adjusted to parenthood, Shay's confidence was high: “I know what I’m doing,” she told People, adding, “I have such an amazing support system. I’m having such a great time with her and I just don’t really pay attention to [critical comments].”

    According to Shay, she was prepared for mom-shaming well before she gave birth: “I’ve really had a good experience, from even before being a mom, with dealing with negative comments sometimes and other people.”

    She's also keeping in mind that when people mom-shame others, it's more about them than the person they're attempting to call out: “But it’s never about me at the end of the day, it’s about these other people, so I’m just gonna let them say what they wanna say but it doesn’t really affect me.”

    Preach, Shay!