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    Pete Davidson Is Now Spending His Time With Kaia Gerber And Here Are All Of The Facts

    I need some questions answered immediately.

    Here is some new information: Newly single Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber have struck up a friendship.

    Here are the facts:

    Pete, who's 25, and Kaia, who's 18, went out for lunch at Sadelle's, a moment that was documented by another person eating at the restaurant.

    Pete was seen leaving Kaia's SoHo apartment building, according to a source at Page Six.

    Another fact: Both celebrities walked in fashion designer Alexander Wang's Spring 2019 show back in May.

    While we're waiting on the answer to that, as well as about a dozen other questions I can think of, people on Twitter are already here with some takes.

    it’s my job to break the news to comedy twitter that pete davidson is dating kaia gerber who turned 18 last month because i want to talk about it

    This tweet is even truer now, can you believe:

    feel like at this point every young brunette in hollywood is just waiting for their turn to try to fix pete davidson

    It seems dating Pete Davidson is the new jury duty, eventually we're all going to have to do it.

    At this point, Pete Davidson could be spotted leaving Buckingham Palace and I wouldn't be surprised.

    Me every time I find out #PeteDavidson is dating a girl 30x hotter than he is...

    Similar to Pete Davidson, I am ugly and only make jokes about my mental illnesses... Yet he is DOMINATING the dating game and I am not. I need answers!

    I’m going to read Pete Davidson’s memoir one day and I’m not happy about that but it’s just a fact I have to live with.

    so kaia is really dating pete davidson.... kaia sweetie RUN!!

    It's totally possible that they are just friends. Either way, I'll be eagerly watching SNL, waiting for the next time Pete jokes about his personal life on "Weekend Update."