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    Lana Del Rey Defended Her Relationship With Her Police Officer Boyfriend, Saying 'He’s A Good Cop'

    She gets the concern.

    When Lana Del Rey's first photographed date with Sean "Sticks" Larkin, a police officer turned law enforcement community influencer, made the rounds on the internet, fans had a lot to say about it.

    Given the history of police brutality, the domestic abuse rate among police officers, and the many documented instances of abuse of power in the police, there was some concern from fans.

    Since Lana Del Rey is dating a Tulsa cop I want to remind the non-okies that Edmond PD murdered Isaiah Lewis for being naked this summer and that they were acquitted. All cops and DAs are bastards

    Lana Del Rey, though, is aware of these facts. When the artist was recently questioned by the Los Angeles Times about her new relationship with Sean, she was asked if she was "worried about the reaction" to dating a cop.

    "Well, the thing is, he’s a good cop," she told the Los Angeles Times.

    "He gets it. He sees both sides of things," she added.

    Lana also talked about how this relationship is different from other ones she's had before — namely, it's a lot more public.

    “It’s funny because I was with someone for years and we never had that problem,” she said about being photographed on a date by the paparazzi.

    "I didn’t know we were being photographed," she shared. "I would’ve worn something different."

    As for whether she thinks her fans shouldn't "care" about her personal life, she defended her stans, saying, "Hell no."

    Carry on, everyone.