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    Lana Del Rey Has Found Love With A Cop Influencer And Here Are The Photos As Proof

    She's "Doin' Time" with the celebrity police officer.

    Lana Del Rey has found love...with the celebrity police officer Sean “Sticks” Larkin. The two made their public debut — aka went on a public stroll through Central Park — yesterday as LDR sipped (what else but) iced coffee.

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    After they were photographed on their day date, Entertainment Tonight confirmed that they are indeed dating.

    "Sticks," as he prefers to go by, is somewhat of a celebrity in his own right. He's not only a cop influencer, aka an Instagram influencer among the law enforcement community, with 167,000 followers...

    ...but he's also an analyst on A&E’s Live PD. Plus, he hosts Live PD Presents PD Cam, which has even won an Emmy.

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    According to his Instagram bio, he's a "full time popo" and "part time crossfitter."

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    And, judging by this photo, he approves of Lana's preferred drink choice (coffee, duh).

    They seem to love each other's company, going by their date photos.

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    Like, have you ever seen Lana smile this much?

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    If she's happy, I'm happy. I just desperately need to know: How did this love story start?

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    Fingers crossed there will be a new song where she shares all about it soon — and an accompanying video in which "Sticks" stars. We already know he has her aesthetic.

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