Grimes One-Upped Her Pregnancy Photos With An Instagram Account For Her Fetus

    "She's in beta form."

    Buckle up! We are all now along for the ride that is Grimes's pregnancy.

    Back at the beginning of the month, the experimental pop artist announced she was expecting her first child (presumably with her boyfriend Elon Musk) with a series of visually stunning images. Now, she's sharing her pregnancy journey in a different way.

    Grimes has created an Instagram account for her unborn baby and it is really something. She shared a photo of a baby with wings and a dagger, writing, simply, "@warnymph 🗡🧚🏻‍♀️."

    When one fan asked Grimes on Twitter, where she also shared the image, "what you be talking about?" Grimes replied, "follow the clues."

    @filmrudd @WarNymph If u follow the clues - the questions will have answers

    She also shared photos (clues?) of "War Nymph" on Instagram Stories.

    Like this one.

    Then there was this sonogram, which begs a lot more questions.

    But the most questions are probably generated from one of the videos posted to the (private) Instagram account for her fetus. Please take a look at this:

    A message from @WarNymph .:

    "This is the end of the world. The world stands on a ledge. Death and the end is nigh,” the baby says in the clip. “The next planet in the solar system… it’s called death. The sun explodes and we all die. The earth is going deafeningly quiet.”

    Is this somehow related to her upcoming album, Miss_Antropocence.? Seems likely...

    Or maybe it's just Grimes's manifestation of what her baby will look and be like.

    @thekiIos @WarNymph Technically this one is a de-aged digital clone but prob similar

    Right now the Instagram account is "in beta form," so it's not viewable to those that haven't been accepted as followers.

    @MilkyClit @WarNymph Yes while she’s in beta form she’s private

    Whatever is happening with this account, when her little one gets here, Grimes probably won't go in the Lauren Conrad-direction with her baby announcement.