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    Ashley Graham Is Showing Off Her Stretch Marks From Pregnancy In Her New Swimsuit Campaign

    "After this photo shoot, I felt so empowered."

    Ashley Graham has taken her followers on her pregnancy and postpartum journey, sharing the realities of both — whether that was her incredible growing body or the diapers she wore while she was recovering from giving birth.

    Now, in her work as a supermodel, Ashley is continuing that. This time, she put the stretch marks from her pregnancy front and center for her new swimsuit campaign.

    Ashley looks absolutely incredible in her latest campaign for Swimsuits For All, which she refused to have retouched ("except for a clamp holding up the DIY backdrop,” as she explained to People.)

    "It looks so simple and beautiful, but powerful," she told the publication. "I've got more weight on me. I have stretch marks, and in the beginning I really had to have a lot of conversations with myself and tell myself, 'Okay, new body, new mindset.' But after this photo shoot, I felt so empowered because I was like, 'Yes. I look good. I feel good. This is my new mom bod.'"

    "With a new postpartum body, I thought that things were going to feel different, and that they were going to look different. And they do, but it's a newfound joy in that," she added.

    After seeing Ashley's joy, hopefully other moms will feel just as inspired to show off their postpartum bodies — and campaigns like these will be a lot more commonplace.