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People Who Aren’t From The U.S. Explain U.S. Politics

Trump? "The embodiment of a joke that went way too far."

How do you think the president of the U.S. is elected?

Flo (U.K.): I have no actual clue, but isn't actually like half the votes are actually decided by about four people or summin?

Pierre (France): OK, so, great electors or whatever pick out who they believe is the most likely to win the election. When that's done, the two champions fight over the votes of the whole country.

Guillermo (Spain): People vote and then you rig the elections so a Bush wins.

Victor (Russia): I think it's a fair electoral system; however, you need to get rid of electoral college thing.

Rob (Australia): The electoral college is dumb. So is voting on a Tuesday. So is not having centralized electoral laws. Get your shit together, America.

Explain the primaries in a few words.

Conz (Argentina): Uhm... I'll pass on this one.

Rob (Australia): Terrible people compete to be the most terrible. The winner then has to pretend to be not as terrible as he/she was made out to be during the primaries so they can win the general.

Guillermo (Spain): It's kind of like a band tour, but the concerts are lame and every now and then something stupid happens.

Pierre M. (France): Basically some states vote, but not all at the same time, and not all the parties at the same time, and they don't all vote the same way, and I don't think the voters directly vote for the candidates but other voters are in charge of voting for them, and oh my god my head hurts.

Jenna (Australia): Why do your elections go for 84 years?