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People Who Aren’t From The U.S. Explain U.S. Politics

Trump? "The embodiment of a joke that went way too far."

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What are your thoughts about this guy?

Flo (U.K.): The envy of the world, the coolest guy in politics, seriously sexy.

Pierre (France): Cool-ass dude.

Guillermo (Spain): He's kind of cool. Loved his farewell tour.

Eric (France): Since his decisions have no direct effect on me, I have to say I really enjoy how cool he is. And that's not just because he is American. American presidents before him were not as fun.

Jenna (Australia): OBAMA! Can he just stay president, America? He seems pretty great from down here. Also I'm obsessed with all those adorable photos of him interacting with kids.

Anna (Rwanda/Germany): Complicated leader (but which leader isn't?) with a largely positive domestic legacy and a great sense of humour.

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What are your thoughts about him?

Conz (Argentina): ASGFUYGDFUWEF. Don't make me swear in public.

Pierre M. (France): The embodiment of a joke that went way too far.

Anna (Rwanda/Germany): His hair makes me almost as uncomfortable as his "political" views.

Pierre (France): I feel kinda offended that at a time when there are so many makeup tutorials available on the internet he'd still feel comfortable showing up like this to any kind of public event.

Jenna (Australia): I used to love The Apprentice mainly because he was so mean to everyone and it was entertaining to watch. It wouldn't be very entertaining to see him treat America/the world like that, though.

Rob (Australia): Please, please don't make this man president.

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Who is this and what are your thoughts about her?

Pierre M. (France): That's Hillary Clinton. She doesn't seem to have a lot of personality, but compared with Trump she seems amazing.

Pierre (France): She kinda feels like this history teacher that's nice to you outside of class but grades you badly anyway. I don't know why.

Flo (U.K.): She's like the cool mom you never had.

Rob (Australia): Yeah, nah, I don't buy it.

Guillermo (Spain): She's been savage lately. I'm pretty sure she'll win.

Victor (Russia): I think she's a great politician and a very brave woman. However, I'm a little bit concerned about her being "too elite."

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What about him?

Flo (U.K.): Like the crazy uncle you actually did have.

Pierre (France): You know how there's always someone shouting something at a dinner party but you don't believe them because they look like they just woke up from a nap? That's him.

Eric (France): He was supported by some really cool and hip actors. At least, that's what I saw on Instagram. If people only in Brooklyn and Portland voted, he'd be president already.

Conz (Argentina): If I could vote, I would vote for him. He's the first man to make me cry during a political campaign.

Guillermo (Spain): Loved him. I can't understand why you didn't support him. You probably want him to be your grandfather or something. That's selfish.

Pierre M. (France): I love him! He reminds me of a sweet, retired history teacher — a little bit idealistic.

Jenna (Australia): I heard he was a cool guy. A lot of people on the internet seem to love him. He looks like another old white guy to me, though.

How do you think the president of the U.S. is elected?

Flo (U.K.): I have no actual clue, but isn't actually like half the votes are actually decided by about four people or summin?

Pierre (France): OK, so, great electors or whatever pick out who they believe is the most likely to win the election. When that's done, the two champions fight over the votes of the whole country.

Guillermo (Spain): People vote and then you rig the elections so a Bush wins.

Victor (Russia): I think it's a fair electoral system; however, you need to get rid of electoral college thing.

Rob (Australia): The electoral college is dumb. So is voting on a Tuesday. So is not having centralized electoral laws. Get your shit together, America.

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What do think of ballots like this one?

Anna (Rwanda/Germany): Wtf

Flo (U.K.): That's not a ballot, that's a form.

Guillermo (Spain): I have taken easier tests.

Conz (Argentina): This is confusing AF. Where are the photos of the candidates? Why would you vote for all these things at once? Do I need to bring my own pen?

Rob (Australia): That looks quite complicated. It's weird that you guys vote on so many things. Politicizing every office in the land is a terrible idea.

Victor (Russia): This is true democracy. We don't get that many candidates in Russia.

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Who are these guys and how do they make you feel?

Flo (U.K.): Bad. Really, very bad.

Anna (Rwanda/Germany): I think they are a geriatric 1D cover band. From left to right: creepy, Cheetos, Zodiac Killer, and... I'm sorry, I don't know him.

Rob (Australia): These are the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The orange one is their leader, but each of them is terrifying in their own way.

Eric (France): Right there, a journalist just asked, "Which one of you said the most bullshit to get elected?" Which is why Donald Trump raised his hand.

Guillermo (Spain): From left to right: don't know him but definitely a robot, Satan, Zodiac Killer, probably an alien. I kind of want them to rule the world just to see what happens, but then I also do not.

Explain the primaries in a few words.

Conz (Argentina): Uhm... I'll pass on this one.

Rob (Australia): Terrible people compete to be the most terrible. The winner then has to pretend to be not as terrible as he/she was made out to be during the primaries so they can win the general.

Guillermo (Spain): It's kind of like a band tour, but the concerts are lame and every now and then something stupid happens.

Pierre M. (France): Basically some states vote, but not all at the same time, and not all the parties at the same time, and they don't all vote the same way, and I don't think the voters directly vote for the candidates but other voters are in charge of voting for them, and oh my god my head hurts.

Jenna (Australia): Why do your elections go for 84 years?

What happens in this building?

Conz (Argentina): Eeehhhhhh.

Guillermo (Spain): It depends. If it's a movie, it blows up. In real life, I'm not so sure.

Rob (Australia): People vote against gun control.

Victor (Russia): Politics. A lot of it.

Eric (France): It looks like the White House but you never see it from this angle. This is where the president works.

Pierre (France): I wanna say...Capitol? The Congress is there? I don't know.

Who are these people and what do they do?

Guillermo (Spain): They are magicians. They control the ministry of magical affairs. They also have an a capella band.

Conz (Argentina): Very old people who like to dress in black. The men and women in black?

Pierre M. (France): A bridge club? A choir? I dunno, but they look super fun.

Jenna (Australia): They look like judges. That lady on the front right is a meme.

Anna (Rwanda/Germany): I see my girl RBG is keeping her distance, so I'm gonna go ahead and guess that they are part of some satanic cult. I also know that at least one person on this picture is dead.

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What's happening in this picture?

Anna (Rwanda/Germany): A Rock, Paper, Scissors situation that went from 0 to 100 real quick.

Guillermo (Spain): A turkey is being appointed president of the United States because Obama is tired of all this shit. Or, you know, it's probably gonna be eaten.

Flo (U.K.): Obama explaining how to kill a turkey.

Eric (France): I think this is Thanksgiving and Obama is blessing the turkey he's gonna eat later that night.

Jenna (Australia): Obama is figuring out the best place to chop that turkey's head off so they can eat him for Thanksgiving. Is this an official ceremony? And I thought Australian politics were weird.