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    14 Best Buys For Refined Foodie In Your Life

    Gifts in such good taste, they're almost as good as your mate's tastebuds.

    1. This Hotel Starlino aperitivo, which will add a little bit of sophistication to cocktail hour this summer.

    2. This smart ceramic mug that will ensure your friend's bean juice never goes cold again.

    3. This express espresso coffee machine maker, which according to users 'makes the best coffee of any domestic coffee system'.

    4. This bottle of TRUFF Hot Sauce that is the iconic lovechild of truffle oil and hot sauce and will definitely spice up your life.

    5. These dark chocolate-coated macadamia nuts, which are the little bit of Aussie-grown decadence every Christmas stocking needs.

    6. These silicone ice cube molds, which will produce much better ice than the fast-melting ice chips from the servo.

    7. These rocking whiskey glasses, which will aerate spirits without the least bit of effort.

    8. This cold brew liqueur, which is the perfect alternative to spending this week's worth of rent on espresso martinis at their local bar.

    9. Dining In by Alison Roman β€” simple and unfussy yet unique recipes for the restaurant lover at home.

    10. And Nothing Fancy: Unfussy Food For Having People Over by Alison Roman β€” for the dinner host who likes to make it seem like they put in more effort than they're actually willing to.

    11. This T2 Coming Up Roses Pack, which gathers their bestselling tea flavours in the one box (and comes with the dainty fine china cup with which to drink them too).

    12. This world-famous pasta machine, because who doesn't want handmade lasagne, fettucine and tagliolini whenever they want?

    13. This tasty red meat rub, which proves convenience doesn't mean sacrificing on flavour.

    14. And lastly, this cast iron dutch oven, which will produce the tastiest meals ever (and look beautiful serving from too).

    You, as your friend lavishes gratitude on you for your perfect gift: