Harry Styles Looks Like He's Getting Ready To Drop A Cosmetics Line, And I'm Ready To Be Hot

    Move over, Kylie Jenner.

    Y'all know my guy Harry Styles?

    Heartthrob of the beloved boy band One Direction?

    Modern-day rock god?

    Fashion icon who routinely bucks gender norms because, like, why wouldn't he?

    Well, he most definitely, almost, probably started a beauty line when you weren't looking.

    A Harry Styles fan account first broke the news.

    On Twitter, @TheHarryNews discovered a “Styles, Harry Edward” listed as the director of a new "wholesale perfume and cosmetics" company.

    Harry is listed as a director under a new company, for perfume and cosmetics, as of May 25th. The company is named “PLEASED AS HOLDINGS LIMITED” as of now 👀

    @TheHarryNews / Via Twitter: @TheHarryNews

    Hm... Now where have I heard that name before...

    Us Weekly confirmed it, reporting that Styles had officially filed a trademark for a beauty and fragrance brand called "Pleased As Holdings Limited."

    Emma Spring, Styles’s longtime assistant, is also listed as a co-director.

    So, assuming this is really happening, the era of Harry Styles: Beauty Guru is upon us, and I am not ready.

    I simply cannot wait to smell like strawberries on a summer evening, so wonderful and warm!

    What products are you hoping to see? Let us know in the comments.