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Harry Styles Finally Unveiled His New Single And People Are Losing Their Shit

You can listen to "Sign of the Times" here.

Harry Styles sent us all into meltdown last week when he finally revealed plans to drop his debut solo single.


He's performing "Sign of the Times" for the very first time on Saturday Night Live THIS Saturday.

So excited!!! A young heartthrob and Harry Styles will be on SNL together April 15th! #WhenHarryMetJimmy #FallonStylesSNL

He'll be making his UK TV debut of it on The Graham Norton Show a week later (April 21).

But THIS MORNING, this blessed day of April 7, 2017, he unveiled the single on BBC Radio 1's Breakfast Show With Nick Grimshaw.

You can listen to it here. Prepare to be impressed.

View this video on YouTube

Fans of course lost their collective shit immediately.

Me in this moment. #SignOfTheTimes @Harry_Styles


And everyone's pretty much doing the same this morning – turning it up loud and playing it over and over and over and over.

listening to #SignOfTheTimes like:

People got pretty emotional.

before and after listening to #SignOfTheTimes

when harry says 'stop your crying' because he knows how good this song is and how we are all crying hearing it #SignOfTheTimes

harry: "just stop your crying" me: #SignOfTheTimes

"Where exactly did you start crying?" Me: #SignOfTheTimes

Whole fandom right now: #SignOfTheTimes

A message to everyone #SignOfTheTimes

And Harry received a lot of good endorsements.

Great to hear music from @Harry_Styles . An inspiring progression, harnessing elements of Bowie emotion. #SignOfTheTimes

But now everyone has one question on their mind – where's Liam Payne's solo material now the rest of One Direction have released their own singles?

they all auditioned as solo artists and are now living their ultimate dream. Proud is an understatement 🙌🏻❤…

#SignOfTheTimes I'm so proud of them Liam you're next!