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OMG James Blunt Is Retweeting Every Random Stranger Who Says They Like His New Album

He's retweeting everyone who likes his album. Literally, everyone.

Remember James Blunt?

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Or more specifically, do you remember listening to "You're Beautiful" on your iPod mini and looking forlornly out the school bus window?


Well James came out with a new album...


...and he's really excited about it...

Since my album came out on Friday, I've completely changed the way the charts look. excited, in fact, that he's been retweeting random people who said they liked his album.

Twitter: @jamesblunt / Via Twitter: @jamesblunt
Twitter: @jamesblunt / Via Twitter: @JamesBlunt

He ain't picky.

That feeling when you realise you (really) like the new @JamesBlunt album! 😬

But James seems to have a pretty good sense of humor about like his career and general public image.

Anyone want a signed set list of mine from 2006?

So maybe James' has got the right idea and is operating at a higher level...

I am NOT desperate to sell records. At all.

...that we're only beginning to understand.

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    James is operating at a higher level and playing this silly fame game the way it should be played.
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    James is fuuuuuucking hiiiiiiigh.

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