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    Lebron James Comes To Fortnite Decked Up In Gold

    Basketball's best arrives on Fortnite.

    LeBron James is coming to Fortnite donning bling fit for a king.

    LeBron James is seen in two unique black outfits, with sunglasses, a floating crown and back bling, all of which are part of his Fortnite bundle
    Epic Games / Via

    A week after Epic Games commissioned an artist in Chicago to paint a mural on a wall in-game on Believer Beach to tease the LeBron James skin, and data miners leaked a possibility of its addition, we can now be sure that LeBron James is coming to Fortnite.

    The NBA player joins the likes of athletes like Neymar Jr. and Harry Kane, musicians like Travis Scott, DJs Marshmello and Major Lazer, professional gamer Ninja, as well as a whole host of fictional characters, including those from Marvel’s Avengers and Street Fighter, as he becomes a playable skin in Epic Games’ battle royale game Fortnite.

    In anticipation of upcoming Space Jam 2, releasing on Friday, July 16, James is the latest addition to the Fortnite Icon Series.

    LeBron James attends the premiere of Space Jam: A New Legacy
    Matt Winkelmeyer / WireImage

    He will be added to the game and the item shop on Wednesday, July 14, in the form of an unlockable skin with a pick of unique outfits for players to choose from.

    Not only will the LeBron James Gear Bundle include a choice of three separate outfits, but it also gives James accessories like his own unique harvesting tool, some "back bling," a glider, a themed loading screen, and a taunting emote, among other things.

    Epic Games / Via

    According to Fortnite’s official website, the LeBron skin will come with three very stylish variants.

    LeBron James poses in three different outfits as part of the King James bundle on Fortnite
    Epic Games / Via

    First, there’s Tune Squad LeBron, available separately, allowing players to dress the Los Angeles Lakers star in his standard basketball gear but themed around the iconic Looney Tunes orange rings before the premiere of the all-new live-action/animated film Space Jam: A New Legacy.

    Epic Games / Via

    Then the regal “King James” look, which blends his on-court and pre-game personas, and sees him dressed fashionably in a blazer with gold or black lion back bling worn over a hoodie and black shorts, adorned in a range of metallic ornaments including a floating crown, decorative lion pauldrons for his shoulders, a pair of removable sunglasses, as well as golden streaks, which can be increased or decreased using an adjustable slider.

    Epic Games

    Finally, there’s a more casual, off-court version of Tune Squad LeBron, where he sports a more approachable, Taco Tuesday variation, which is a T-shirt with a tortilla wrap printed on it. It comes with its own designated back bling – the Pack Supreme Back Bling. The jacket over hoodie look also gives him a wild off-court sometimes.

    Epic Games / Via

    These Fortnite outfits will also be the first place where you’ll find James' upcoming Nike LeBron 19 shoes. Excitingly, the shoes will be available in its own colorway for each of his outfit variations.

    Three variations of LeBron James' upcoming Nike LeBron 19 shoes are shown on a  Fortnite screen
    Epic Games / Via

    Speaking of variations, LeBron’s matching outfit, back bling, lion pickaxe, and wingspan glider all feature a progressive edit slider, allowing players to add over 20 gold variations to the outfit for as much bling as you prefer!

    The King James Bundle pairs all the outfits — and back blings — mentioned together and also adds a themed “Court’s in Session” loading screen. 

    To accompany and complete each of the looks are a slate of gear ranging from a lion pickaxe to a wingspan glider – the gold tones of which can be controlled with a slider function similar to the King James outfit – as well as an emote to quieten competition in the form of one of James’ signature on-court celebrations, “The Silencer.”

    How do you unlock the King James Bundle? Players can either buy each of the items and the new loading screen together as part of the King James Bundle or buy individual elements.

    The LeBron James loading screen from the Fortnite game featuring an artistic mural of his face on a purple background.
    Epic Games / Via

    Unlike the upcoming Superman skin, however, the LeBron James bundle will be not included as a battle pass reward, as it will come on the back of Fortnite’s latest update on July 14. This means players will not be able to earn simply by playing matches. They will also have to spend some in-game currency ( V-bucks) as well.

    There are three ways to add V-bucks to your game wallet. First, you can use battle stars that you unlock over the course of matches to earn deposits of V-bucks. Next, you can spend real-world money in the item store. Or you can sign up as a member of the “Fortnite Crew” and earn a monthly allowance of 1,000 V-bucks. 

    The King will arrive soon at theaters as well as on HBO Max for a month with Space Jam: A New Legacy, which sees him team up with the Looney Tunes gang, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Lola Bunny, and others in the squad in a basketball game to save his son, Dom, from a virtual reality space run by Al-G Rhythm (played by actor Don Cheadle). But before that, have him all to yourselves on Fortnite.

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