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    Travis Scott Held A Virtual Concert On "Fortnite" And His Nipples Were All Anyone Could Talk About


    Yesterday, Travis Scott held a virtual performance on Fortnite and, from what my 11-year-old nephew David told me, "it was lit!"

    Suzanne Cordeiro / Getty Images

    However, it didn't take long for fans to notice that there was something missing from the "Sicko Mode" rapper in the game — his nipples!

    Andrew Chin / Getty Images

    Yup, his nips were nowhere to be found:


    People were perplexed:

    Travis Scott fortnite skin has no nipples

    Including this woman's son, who was like "WTF?!"

    We watched Travis Scott's Fortnite concert again & my son was like "what the... where are his nipples?!?!" Lmaooo. I took a look & apparently Travis ain't got any nips. I'm sure they made him 100% accurate.

    This person didn't want to pick the shirtless Travis Scott skin because he didn't have nipples, and...that's fair:

    i did want travis scott but now i dont want travis scott anymore because he dont have nipples

    Then there was this tweet which made me choke:

    @mrfreshasian @trvisXX Thay took the nipples out but drew a dick on is abs🤦🏾‍♂️

    Others had some theories about Travis's missing nipples, like the fact that he might be part platypus:

    I’m probably late to the party on this, but are we just going to ignore the fact that Travis Scott doesn’t have any nipples? 🧐 Maybe he’s part platypus? (One of the only nipple-less mammals)

    ...or that he's from another planet:

    Wait Travis Scott doesn't have nipples? He is definitely from another planet

    But I'm willing to bet this one is more accurate:

    cant believe @FortniteGame forgot to add nipples to @trvisXX

    Either way, people wanted answers. So they photoshopped his nipples back on themselves:

    so i told @opalftw to make travis scott nipples and this happened

    If you're listening Fortnite, let this be a lesson: don't ever censor Travis Scott's nipples!!!!


    K, bye.

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