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27 Perfect Products For Anyone Who's Actually A Mermaid

Just because you can't see the tail doesn't mean it's not there.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Socks to wear on those pesky feet when you're on land.

Get them from Asos for $5.

2. A relaxing sandbox to keep at your desk.

Get it from Amazon for $27.99.

3. A pillow to let everyone know you're not uptight.

Get it from AllModern for $51.99.

4. And some sweet customizable plushes.

Get them from Laura Frisk on Etsy for $22.

5. A case to house your "shelfie"-taking device.

Get it from Asos for $14.

6. A handy shell compact mirror.

Get it from C.A.B. Fayre on Etsy for $17.

7. A swimsuit covered with your kinfolk.

Get the pieces from Anthropologie for $98.

8. A tank that knows your stance on running.

Get it from Activate Apparel for $21.75.

9. And a hoodie printed with your go-to drink order.

Get it from Human for $33.

10. A necklace you'll flip your fin over.

Get it from Honey Thistle on Etsy for $45.

11. One tea towel bedecked with a merman and another with a mermaiden.

Get them from Anthropologie for $18.

12. Handmade "meowmaid" brooches.

Get them from The Albino Hare on Etsy for $21.50.

13. And a merpig towel.

Get it from Pig & Pumpkin on Society6 for $38.

14. A pair of cheese spreaders...

Get them from Amazon for $15.95.

15. ....and a tablecloth for your next dinner party.

Get it from Nadine Westcott on Etsy for $68.

16. Plus a scaled apron to wear in the kitchen.

Get it from AllModern for $34.99.

17. Some nautical illustrated stickers.

Get them from Ann Shen on Etsy for $6.

18. And a gorgeous temporary tattoo.

Get it from Seventh Skin on Etsy for $11.

19. A ring for mermaids who love "seaweed."

Get it from Penelope Gazin on Etsy for $15.

20. Ombré sheets to "swim" in while you sleep.

Get them from Hot Topic for $24.49.

21. A skirt with cute little shell pockets.

Get it from Nylon for $65.

22. And a dress that looks like the inside of an abalone shell.

Get it from Shadowplay on Etsy for $49.

23. A poster for minimalist mermaids.

Get it from Target for $49.99.

24. And a personalized name print.

Get it from Luna Reef on Etsy for $16.

25. Ridiculously adorable Ariel Funko Pop figurines.

Get the plain figure from Amazon for $9.06 and the keychain for $6.99.

26. A cross-stitch pattern for mermaids with crafting skills.

Get it from Satsuma Street on Etsy for $6.

27. And some lollipops that are almost too lovely to eat.

Get a set from A Secret Forest on Etsy for $24.

Need more mermaids in your life? Of course you do.

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