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20 Gifts Every Wannabe Mermaid Needs To Ask For This Year

You're gonna want to make these part of your world.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A gorgeous oceanic coloring book.

It's impossible to color on soggy paper, so you'll have to use this up on land.

Get one here.

2. A necklace that speaks the truth.

3. A cast iron mermaid who will help you get drunk.

4. A mermaid tail glass to pour your drink in.

5. And a tank to wear after you start popping those caps.

6. A projector speaker that'll instantly make your bedroom more oceanic.

7. A silky ocean scarf to drape around your neck.

8. And some shiny scales to cover your legs in.

9. Some friendly fish measuring cups to help you out in the kitchen.

10. A more ~casual~ version of the shell bra.

11. A case that'll protect your phone like an oyster protects a pearl.

12. A seashell compact to add to your makeup supply.

13. A miniature mermaid with a compliment.

14. A mug that changes from a whale to a mermaid.

15. The perfect wall decals for your on-land home.

16. A handy mermaid hiding a pocket knife in her tail.

17. Pots that will turn your air plants into octopus pals.

18. A romantic print featuring an adorable mer-couple.

19. A cozy "Blankie Tail" for cold nights.

20. And a tote to show people who make ignorant statements.

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