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    27 Wedding Ideas For Mermaids Getting Married

    The second best thing to having your wedding under the sea.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

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    1. Choose save the date cards that will "swim" to your guests' mailboxes.

    Order your own personalized cards here.

    2. And mail out watercolor invitations that look like the ocean.

    Make an order here.

    3. Have your ceremony at the beach.

    4. And provide brushes so your guests can brush the sand off of their toes. / Via

    Or their tails.

    5. Or tie the knot at an aquarium.

    6. Find the perfect mermaid-silhouette wedding gown. You could opt for one with scale-like sequins...

    Available here.

    7. ...or keep it simple.

    Purchase it here.

    8. Carry a gorgeous shell bouquet down the aisle.

    Buy one here (or make your own).

    9. Add some rhinestone starfish to your hair.

    Get them here.

    10. Slip on a sea glass bridal sash.

    Get one here.

    11. Top your cake with chocolate filled candy sea shells.

    They're SO realistic-looking! Buy a bunch here.

    12. Or *actual* mussel shells.

    13. Or frost your cake with sea foam colored icing. / Via

    With some edible gold leaf coral on the side.

    14. Write seating assignments on sea glass.

    15. Or shells. Or driftwood.

    16. Glue miniature shells to pieces of slate to make your own table numbers.

    17. Have guests sign an oceanic print instead of a traditional guest book.

    You can get it framed when you return from your honeymoon.

    Buy one here (or purchase a The Little Mermaid themed print here).

    18. Wear a "shell bra" tee to your bachelorette party.

    Available here.

    19. Drape your neck with a gorgeous crystal and abalone bib necklace.

    20. Hang scallop shell earrings from your ear lobes.

    Buy them here.

    21. Buy starfish boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen.

    Get them here.

    22. And have them wear mermaid cufflinks at their wrists.

    Available here.

    23. Use a shell to transport the rings down the aisle. / Via

    Yes, this is an engagement ring—but you could just as easily use a shell to carry wedding bands.

    24. Use your beachy surroundings to find props for photos.

    25. Piece together a backdrop that looks like scales.

    Learn how to make your own at Ruffled.

    26. Have your menus printed on shell-shaped paper.

    27. Send everyone home with message in a bottle favors.

    Mermaid to be together.


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