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27 Beautifully Designed Products You Won’t Believe You Can Get On Amazon

Wait wait wait wait wait — you got that where?!?

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1. A clay crockpot with a vibrant ceramic lid.

Yes, it looks pretty, but it's also useful and won't crack due to temperature changes.

Price: $41.07

2. A petite shelf to give you more space on a *bigger* shelf.

3. A wall clock constructed from copper "ribbon."

4. Handmade gem rings you can spin to reveal a ~secret~.

A name, a sweet message, the word "poop".... the personalized engraving is your choice.

Price: $199

5. A cat scratching pad that'll fit in with your minimalist living room design scheme.

6. Wooden blocks you can use to build modern sculptures to decorate with.

Each set includes six different types of wood: Japanese cherry, Japanese big-leaf magnolia, maple, hornbeam, birch, and Japanese zelkova.

Price: $42.85

7. A mug decorated with artwork inspired by Finnish folklore.

8. A set of laser-cut bookends to elegantly keep your reading material in an upright position.

9. Twisted copper hangers that'll make your closet feel pretty fucking fancy.

10. A stackable lunchbox covered in artwork by Lotta Jansdotter.

Not a bring-your-lunch-to-work sort of person? Use it to organize small things (like jewelry or office supplies) in your home.

Price: $17.12

11. A cubist floating wall shelf with a place for a plant.

12. Magnets embedded in ceramic circles that'll allow you to store your knives on a wall.

13. Headphones for people who care about sound quality *and* design.

Listen to your music in style.

Price: $198

14. Bamboo bowls with suction bottoms to keep things (a bit more) clean during meal time with toddlers.

15. And some handmade rope bowls to store trinkets in.

16. A set of 100 postcards covered with Marimekko patterns.

17. Coat racks that look like sculptures from a modern art museum.

Available in cappuccino, black, or white.

Price: $40.51+

18. A messenger bag that looks like it belongs in a comic book.

Price: $21.49

19. A gorgeously illustrated puzzle for cat moms and dads.

20. An Eames-inspired chair with a translucent acrylic seat.

Price: $119.99

21. Geometric key holders to affix to the wall by your front door.

22. A set of sleek cheese knives conveniently engraved with the type of cheese you use them for.

Hard, soft, or crumbly cheese (plus a serving fork).

Price: $21.99

23. A hypnotic plate with glass "beads."

24. A set of nesting coffee tables with a segment you can use as a work desk.

Available in espresso or white (each with chrome legs).

Price: $590

25. An attractive weekly planner pad with an array of stickers to remind you of particularly important events.

26. A bowl with an open design that allows fruit to ripen evenly.

27. And a state-shaped skillet.

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