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31 Beautiful Products You Won't Believe You Can Get On Amazon

"OMG, you got that where?!?"

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Soap that looks like it should be on display in the Hall of Gems at the Natural History Museum.

Price: $15.95 for the "blue agate" and $18 for the labradorite

2. Delicate earrings that you'll love to infinity and beyond.

They're handmade and come in two sizes (as well as two types of gold: rose or yellow).

Price: $47

3. A bluetooth speaker that looks like it came from outer space.

It (of course) plays music, but you can also set it to emulate the sunrise or sunset!

Price: $149

4. A set of four drinking glasses ~infused~ with blue swirls.

The glass also has a hammered texture, so it's less likely to slip out of your grip while you're drinking—a feature that'll be particularly handy if you're drinking a cocktail and start to get a little sloppy (you wouldn't want to break your gorgeous new sipping receptacle).

Price: $16.94

5. A geometric brass organizer to hold your earrings, bracelets, and rings.

You can get a matching brass stand for your necklaces here.

Price: $15

6. Leggings that look like the sky on a day when you'd definitely take a picture to put on Instagram.

People will definitely be checking out your ass (and knees and calves and every centimeter of your legs) when you wear these.

Price: $18.51+

7. Ten planet-inspired, fruit-flavored lollipops that are almost too cool to eat.


Price: $16.95

8. A leather bag that looks like something you'd see sitting in the window of an intimidatingly cool boutique.

It's available in six different colors.

Price: $63.89

9. An awesomely retro toaster that comes in a variety of colors.

Smeg appliances always look great.

Price: $149.95

10. Melamine plates, platters, and serving dishes for people who love color.

Price: $7.99+

11. A minimalist (and sustainable) water pitcher that'll keep you hydrated with style.

The Soma Pitcher has a plant-based filter and will hold up to ten cups of water in its BPA-free plastic jug.

Price: $39.99

12. A bamboo sandbox tray to keep on your desk and play with whenever you get a bit bored.

It may be rude to bring it to a meeting, but you can totally use it while you're in the midst of a conference call. No one will know.

Price: $29.95

13. Galaxy wrapping paper to use for gifts *or* to just frame and hang on your wall.

Price: $18.95

14. An insulated floral lunch bag that's almost Warhol-esque.

It'll keep food warm (or cool) for about four hours.

Price: $14.56

15. An inexpensive mid-century mod chair with linen upholstery.

Want a larger version? Here's the couch.

Price: $143

16. A polyhedron terrarium to house a few of your succulents.

Price: $35.04

17. Plus a handcrafted wooden journal to fill with love letters to those succulents.

Wait. You *don't* write love letters to your succulents? What's wrong with you! They're crying inside.

Price: $29

18. A comfy pouf you'll want to plop down on.

This guy is available in fourteen different colors, so there's gotta be at least one that'll match your decorating scheme.

Price: $59.99

19. Sunburst stud earrings that'll make your earlobes glisten in the light.

Check out the matching necklace here.

Price: $55

20. A modern and easy-to-assemble beechwood table.

Price: $41.57

21. Cleansing bars that look like they've been painted with watercolors.

They're by Baxter of California and will suit all skin types.

Price: $17

22. A tangram-style laser-cut necklace that looks like... a foxy cat?

Or maybe it's more of a catty fox?

Price: $22

23. A unique handmade cosmetic pouch that's made of cork!

There's a nylon lining on the inside of the pouch, but the cork itself is stain resistant (so... if you tend to spill, you won't ruin it).

Price: $43

24. A wooden house that transforms into a trivet.

It takes a village to.... prepare a meal for a large group of people.

Price: $38

25. Eames-inspired wire coat racks that come in walnut or multicolor.

Get them from Amazon for $33.52.

26. A wooden speaker that'll play music from your phone.

The handle makes it easy to take on the go, just charge it up using a USB cable before you leave.

Price: $64.99

27. And an oak wallet that won't bend in your pocket.

It holds up to ten credit cards (plus cash).

Price: $72.95

28. A flouncy skirt that'll make you want to twirl and twirl and twirl.

Price: $102.34+

29. Wobbling toys for kids that are so freaking cute that you may just want to use them as decor.

Sorry kids, these are for me.

Price: $8.99

30. A pretty mint desk lamp you can maneuver into many different positions.

Price: $26.99

31. An umbrella that'll cheer you up on drizzly days.

Price: $23.94

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