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31 Beautiful Products You Won't Believe You Can Get On Amazon

"OMG, you got that where?!?"

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4. A set of four drinking glasses ~infused~ with blue swirls.

The glass also has a hammered texture, so it's less likely to slip out of your grip while you're drinking—a feature that'll be particularly handy if you're drinking a cocktail and start to get a little sloppy (you wouldn't want to break your gorgeous new sipping receptacle).

Price: $16.94

6. Leggings that look like the sky on a day when you'd definitely take a picture to put on Instagram.

People will definitely be checking out your ass (and knees and calves and every centimeter of your legs) when you wear these.

Price: $18.51+

12. A bamboo sandbox tray to keep on your desk and play with whenever you get a bit bored.

It may be rude to bring it to a meeting, but you can totally use it while you're in the midst of a conference call. No one will know.

Price: $29.95

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