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    30 Things You Totally Won't Regret Impulse Buying

    I see it, I like it, I want it, I (impulse) got it.

    1. An activated charcoal powder that'll whiten your teeth with a no-nonsense system — just brush, rinse, and smile wide with your newly bright pearly whites!

    2. A mounted planter so you can fill your home with wall flowers and officially stop feeling like a wall flower yourself when your friends talk about all their gardening adventures.

    3. A chic shower cap made with nano-tech fabric (it literally repels water on a molecular level) to keep your hair totally dry when you shower or to use as a wrap on days when you'd rather not deal with your 'do.

    4. A set of rainbow picnic blanket sheets for anyone who eats in bed so often they know the bed might as well look the part.

    5. An essential oil roll on you'll be glad to have on hand when a migraine kicks in and you want to kick it out.

    6. A tote bag big enough to fit everything you could possibly carry with you. Well, aside from the giant ego you're gonna be walking around with after all the compliments you get on your snazzy new tote.

    7. A butterfly vibe that'll help you 🎵come come, my lady🎵.

    8. A bee's wax food wrap sure to become your go-to and replace the plastic wrap and sandwich bags in your life. It's antibacterial, reusable, and has a darling design that is simply the bees-knees!

    9. A Boy Brow and matte lipstick duo so easy to throw on, they're gonna make you wanna kiss and ~makeup~ with your currently neglected beauty routine.

    10. A demanding shower curtain that'll tell you how to get the job done on mornings when you're too sleepy (read: hungover) to remember that crucial shower step.

    11. A cat hammock, because you want Fluffy to know there is no one you would rather ~hang out~ with.

    12. And a mounted cat scratcher for anyone who isn't ~kitten~ around when it comes to keeping their cat happy (who might also be looking for a way to save their furniture from their happy, scratchy cat).

    13. A limitless frock you can wear to work, church, a bar, and an amusement park all in the same day. And then every day after that.

    14. A tube of hot honey that's sure to make every meal (and we mean every meal) a masterpiece. Looking at you, broccoli.

    15. A TubShroom that's gonna keep you from getting into any ~hairy~ situations with your shower drain.

    16. A pet odor candle that'll completely eliminate the smell of pets from your place. That disappearing act will be the best trick in your home since the day you taught Skippy to shake paws.

    17. A silk bath robe for anyone who wants to come home, replace their work clothes with a robe, and still feel chic-as-can-be at the end of the day.

    18. A Pioneer Woman bake set sure to always remind you to stock up on more ~flower~ when you finish baking.

    19. A lightly lined full coverage bra your boobs will wanna jump right in. Don't worry, with a design this good, they won't be jumping out.

    20. An Apple remote holder for getting a ~grip~ when it comes to your Netflix binge watching.

    21. A pair of period-proof panties so you can bend and snap with the best of them, no matter the time of the month.

    22. A giant plush cheese ball bag so cute, you won't be able to eat snacks without first checking for lil' baby faces ever again.

    23. A pair of Birkenstocks that'll be worth buying for the summer weather and worth keeping on for the rest of the year.

    24. A toothbrush subscription that's gonna be worth buying because it's pretty, and worth keeping because it's gonna make your teeth even prettier.

    25. A sassy butt scrub sure to leave your bum soft, smooth, and feeling bootyful.

    26. A necklace vibe that'll be equal parts sleek, subtle, and sensational.

    27. An Echo Spot that can display the weather, set alarms/timers, play music, turn on/off your lights, check your security cameras, change the temperature of the house, tell you bedtime stories, and remind you that it deserved that impulse "add to cart" decision.

    28. A Go Girl – it's quickly going to become your bathroom essential, because any time you find yourself staring down at a toilet seat you'd rather not get personal with, you'll wanna give this thing a ~standing~ ovation.

    29. A set of incredibly useful exercise bands so you can turn your studio apartment into the fancy gym you live above but can't afford to go inside.

    30. And finally, a print that's gonna be everyone's favorite piece in your place — we pinky swear.

    When your bank account knows you're gonna end up with this stuff no matter what.

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