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    25 Things On Amazon That Pregnant People Actually Swear By

    We're ~expecting~ that you'll really love these products.

    1. A nipple cream that's sure to be great while breastfeeding, but it can also ease the irritation of sore, dry nipples during your first and third trimester — grab this and ~nip~ it in the bud before it gets bad.

    2. An inflatable birth support chair to help you relax and sit comfortably, prep certain movements for labor, and be there for you if you think you might blow up if you aren't able to move around during labor.

    3. A pair of compression socks that'll make your heart swell with gratitude when you finally feel some relief in your swollen legs and feet.

    4. A keepsake frame for treasuring your peanut's first plandid, because this little influencer has already completely changed your ~frame~ of mind.

    5. A body butter so at least your *skin* can be smooth when nothing else in your pregnancy feels like smooth sailing.

    6. A half-calf, low acid coffee for moments when making a human is exhausting and you need some added (heartburn free) energy while growing your little bean.

    7. A pack of 24 vomit bags, because the thought of not having these on hand when you need them is gonna make you feel (even more) sick.

    8. A pack of pregnancy panties that are gonna look way sexier than that description might sound.

    9. A bag of fibrous cookies for when the best treat you can think of is no longer being constipated.

    10. Or a Squatty Potty that'll truly help your ~stool~ situation over the next several months.

    11. An essential oil stick for anyone who knows that dealing with headaches without being able to take regular pain killers is a real pain in the neck.

    12. A body pillow that'll be the best sleeping companion you've ever had. Honestly with this thing, a good night's sleep won't just seem like a dream.

    13. A pack of three bra extenders so you can wear a bra that actually fits, even when your boobs decide to change sizes from moment to moment.

    14. And a pack of 13 pant extenders so you can wear the clothes you love a little longer.

    15. A birthing ball that'll help stretch out your back during particularly uncomfortable stages of your pregnancy or be a ~ball~ to use during your labor, if you'd like to move around.

    16. A morning sickness tea for anyone who would be lifted up by going to brunch with friends... as long as they are able to keep that brunch down.

    17. A pregnancy journal that'll be the ~write~ way to make sure you keep these memories around forever.

    18. An activity book sure to keep you entertained (and feel understood) during every sketchy part of your pregnancy.

    19. A pair of cozy non-skid socks that'll keep your toes warm during doctors appointments and remind your support system that your feet have been supporting you, and your baby, all day every day — that hard work certainly deserves a foot rub!

    20. A pregnancy yoga DVD for anyone who doesn't think it's too much of a ~stretch~ to find healthy ways to work out before and after baby.

    21. A pair of Belly Buds sure to beat any other gift you could give your favorite pregnant friend.

    22. A belly belt that'll lift you up, literally, when belly weight has you feeling down.

    23. A bag of bath salts for the moments in your pregnancy when you want to soak it all in.

    24. A natural body wash that'll keep you feeling fresh and clean, naturally, even when you start understanding the nitty gritty bits of pregnant life.

    25. And finally, a pack of three pregnancy panties for anyone who loves a little laugh while waiting for their little one.

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