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    17 Products I Wish I Had Added To My Baby Registry

    Learn from my mistakes future parents, these items are game changers.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Hi everyone, I'm Conz and I'm a first time mom. I'm not gonna lie and say I was totally clueless about what babies need, so I did a TON of research and thought I had the perfect registry with everything that we were ever going to need. I was wrong, so here are some things I ~actually~ really needed and loved.

    1. The SNOO, a bassinet developed by a pediatrician to help your newborn sleep better and for longer stretches.

    Amazon / Via

    This bassinet really helped us out when we were on thick of sleep deprivation. Ozzy had been waking up every two hours since the day he was born until he was six weeks when we got the SNOO and I was about to lose my mind. The Snoo helped him from two hour to seven hour stretches and eventually helped him sleep through the night at three months old.

    The concept behind the SNOO was developed by Dr. Karp, a pediatrician and author of The Happiest Baby On The Block. The bassinet senses when your baby is fussing and rocks them gently as well as playing white noise to settle them down. You can download an app to check on your baby's sleep stats. The app will also let you know if the bassinet can't settle baby back to sleep and will send a push notification that your baby needs you. It follows the American Association of Pediatrics recommendations for safe sleep: swaddle, on their backs, on a flat surface.

    I call it the magic bassinet because it totally changed the dynamics in our family. Ozzy was finally well rested and happy and so was I.

    Get it from Amazon for $928.

    2. A Boppy Lounger that will allow you to safely plop your baby next to you so you can stare at them for hours.

    Amazon / Via

    You've probably heard of Boppy pillows for breastfeeding or sitting your baby up. I had one and tbh I didn't find much use for it since it was easier to feed my baby with a regular pillow and he had not control to be sitting up next to anything.

    However, the Boppy Lounger is hands down the thing we used the most. It's like a little baby cushion that keeps them safe, comfy and allows you to be hands free for a minute or thirty. I had Ozzy next to me on the couch, he would be on it while I showered, I could feed him while pumping... You get the idea, we used it A LOT.

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    3. A hand pump that allowed me to be on-the-go and not worry about my boobs.

    Amazon / Via

    I had to almost exclusively pump for a million reasons that are for a separate post, so I could speak about pumping for hours on end.

    At first I was on a super tight scheduled that had me stuck at home between pumping, feeding and a napping baby. I was getting cabin fever and I purchased this hand pump without much reading about it and let me tell you GAME CHANGER.

    I was able to go out with Ozzy on adventures that kept us out of the house all day and pump on the go. I found this particular hand pump to be as fast as my electric pump, but its size allows you to carry it in your diaper bag without a problem.

    Get it on Amazon for $29.94.

    4. Speaking of feeding babies, the Haakaa milk collector helped me start a freezer stash.

    Amazon / Via

    Here's a little thing I didn't know before I had my baby: when you feed or pump from one boob the other boob gets excited and releases milk (aka: you start leaking). The Haakaa creates slight suction on the breast you are not using and collects all the extra milk that would otherwise end up staining your bra or shirt.

    I was always surprised on how much milk it would collect and with it I started a freezer stash that came in very handy when I started venturing into the outside world without baby in tow.

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

    5. A Tula carrier to keep your little one comfy and snuggled against you.

    6. A baby monitor with a camera and night vision.

    Amazon / Via

    Hear me out: I registered for a monitor that was just audio and it worked great for the first couple of months. But then Ozzy started getting mobile and moving all over the crib so spying on thing to make sure he was asleep and safe became a thing we needed to do.

    This Infant Optics monitor is pricey but has the best image quality I've ever seen in monitors, the camera moves around so you can follow your kid in the crib and it even detects the temperature in the room which is a super nice extra feature.

    Get it from Amazon for $165.95.

    7. A week's worth of Thinx, the period underwear that can handle postpartum bleeding.

    Thinx / Via

    I had been using Thinx underwear for the very last days of my period, but when I saw the type of mesh "underwear" they give you at hospitals for postpartum bleeding I decided to invest in heavy flow ones and put them to the test.

    And let me tell you, they worked.

    I went with high waisted ones that were totally c-section scar friendly (I speak from experience) and also help contain my empty belly that somehow still looked pregnant.

    Get them from Thinx for $38.

    8. A baby pool floatie that is equal parts cute and helpful.

    9. The Magic Merlin Sleepsuit will make nap times magical for those babies that hate being swaddled.

    Amazon / Via

    I didn't know how hard it could be to swaddle a baby with a muslin blanket. Even less so did I know about babies hating being swaddled. Ozzy hated it. I sucked at it.

    Thankfully we discovered the Magic Merlin Sleepsuit which helps babies sleep without being all tucked in a swaddle. The suit is thick and limits movement for the baby, so they don't get startled and woken up by their reflexes. It also keeps their hands away from their little faces so they don't get distracted playing with them and actually sleep.

    We used the 3-6 months size for traveling and it worked wonderfully!

    Get it from Amazon for $39.95.

    10. A baby shusher for when you are on the go and baby needs to nap.

    Amazon / Via

    Babies like being shushed to sleep, that's why brown noise works so well with them. However, we can't walk around going "shuuuuuush" when we are out and about and baby needs to nap.

    Enter the Baby Shusher which claims to be able to calm any crying baby - their videos are truly fascinating.

    It's small for travel but also great to plop next to them wherever you are.

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99.

    11. A DockATot for safe sleeping... ANYWHERE!

    Amazon / Via

    I initially didn't register for the DockATot because I knew I was not going to even try co-sleeping. I'm a very deep sleeper and the idea of baby being next to me was terrifying.

    However I ended up buying on later on because I realized it is great for more things than just co-sleeping. I used it for naps mainly and also to put baby safely next to me on the couch while we were relaxing. It is also great for travel!

    Get it from Amazon for $175.

    12. This Fisher Price dome that will keep your baby safe and happy anywhere you go.

    Amazon / Via

    Let me tell you about my favorite Fisher Price item ever: the baby dome. We used this dome SO MUCH I kinda miss it now that Ozzy has out grown it.

    The top of the dome is SPF 50 and the sides are mesh so fresh air is always circulating so you can take it wherever you go and know you baby will be safely contained while you are outside. It comes with toys that Ozzy still plays with.

    We also used it inside the house for when we wanted the dogs to stay away from him or we needed to take a quick shower and make sure he was entertained.

    Get it from Amazon for $69.99.

    13. Links, all the links, get as many links as you can handle.

    Amazon / Via

    These links are the ideal first toy for babies. They pull on them, unlink them, put them in their mouths. You can attach toys to it, attach them to the stroller, the high chair. Literally anything.

    Get them on Amazon for $4.39.

    14. High contrast books are awesome to keep newborns entertained.

    Amazon / Via

    I had no idea these bright contrast books existed but now I gift them to every single new mom in my group of friends. They are awesome for baby to look at and be distracted while you do things and most importantly it helps them develop their vision. Double win!

    Get it on Amazon for $6.23.

    15. This Lovevery playmat that is not only entertaining for babies but also super stylish.


    I love love love love all the toys made by Lovevery because they are stylish and babies go crazy for them. This playmat is not an exception.

    I initially got a different one that was bright and loud and obnoxious to have out and ended up not using it at all. Ozzy was also not super interested so it collected dust under the couch.

    This one on the other hand grows with baby and really helps them develop all their senses and play around.

    Get it on Amazon for $140.

    16. This book that taught me everything I know about baby's sleep.

    Amazon / Via

    At one point when Ozzy's sleep was erratic (because you know, newborn) I read everything I could about sleep and how to help him be a better sleeper.

    The Happy Sleep was hands down the best book I've read and we've applied so many of their techniques that I think my son would be the perfect case study for their book, lol.

    If you are as clueless about babies like I was when I had Ozzy, buy this now!

    Get it from Amazon for $13.17.

    17. The Pockit stroller was made for traveling parents.

    Amazon / Via

    The Pockit stroller weighs 12lbs - which is not a lot for a stroller - and folds perfectly into a little square that you can fit in a bag pack or even above the head compartment in a plane.

    Compared to other strollers it is not as sturdy so I wouldn't recommend using it in snow or bumpy side walks, but for traveling there is nothing that can beat it.

    The stroller also comes with carseat attachments for when your baby is tiny and has no head control yet.

    Get it on Amazon for $229.95.