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    14 Amazing Baby Products On Amazon That'll Make You Go, "Wow! Look At Those Reviews!"

    You won't be disappointed.

    1. These stylish bibs that are easy to clean, waterproof, and have a catch-all pocket.

    bumkinsbaby / Via

    Average rating: 4.8/5

    Total reviews: 2,247

    Percentage of 5-star reviews: 85%

    Sample 5-star review: "We love these bibs! They are so easy to wipe down, rinse off or even wash in soapy dishwater." —Amazon Customer

    Get a pack of three for $13.71.

    2. This lifelike stuffed giraffe that stands over four feet tall.

    mrs_kateholling / Via

    Average rating: 4.9/5

    Total reviews: 1,593

    Percentage of 5-star reviews: 92%

    Sample 5-star review: "This has to be, without a doubt, the cutest stuffed giraffe I’ve ever seen! It is soft, yet sturdy, and stands perfectly. It has a beautiful face too! How darling it will be in a nursery! And, with the price reduction at the time I ordered, it was a wonderful buy!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it for $66.12.

    3. This stroller organizer that lets you take EVERYTHING you need with you when you leave the house.

    Ethan and Emma

    Average rating: 4.6/5

    Total reviews: 2,356

    Percentage of 5-star reviews: 82%

    Sample 5-star review: "This stroller organizer is the perfect size to fit all the essentials when I’m out and about with both kids! I love that it has space for my keys and phone as well as a bottle!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it for $29.99.

    4. This feeder/teething toy that lets you safely feed your baby fruit, vegetables, and even medicine.

    Average rating: 4.8/5

    Total reviews: 386

    Percentage of 5-star reviews: 88%

    Sample 5-star review: "Love these!! Takes the stress out of my kiddo trying new foods and possibly choking. It's AMAZING for teething kiddos. We put crushed ice in ours and our little couldn't get enough. Such a pain reliever when used this way. Super easy to clean. They do stain some depending on what you put in them but after a few washes it was clear again." —Amazon Customer

    Get it for $12.99.

    5. These classic nesting cups which are wonderful early toys for babies and help develop hand-eye coordination.

    Average rating: 4.8/5

    Total reviews: 1,437

    Percentage of 5-star reviews: 86%

    Sample 5-star review: "Great basic toy for little hands. While I love and embrace technology, I am starting to detest all the electronic baby toys! These simple stacking cups can teach your child so much more than all that noisy expensive junk." —Amazon Customer

    Get them for $3.99.

    6. This nasal aspirator that is uncannily good at clearing your baby's stuffed nose.

    apenassmae / Via

    Average rating: 4.5/5

    Total reviews: 8,533

    Percentage of 5-star reviews: 80%

    Sample 5-star review:
    "Hands down this is one of the best inventions for babies ever. A friend had one on her baby registry years ago and I thought it sounded disgusting. I bought it and she showed me how it worked. In no way does the snot get anywhere near your mouth, ever. It works so much better than those awful bulb things you can buy from the stores." —Amazon Customer

    Get it for $14.60.

    7. This cute drying rack that's perfect for items of all sizes.

    mamanbazar / Via

    Average rating: 4.8/5

    Total reviews: 925

    Percentage of 5-star reviews: 87%

    Sample 5-star review: "We are loving this drying rack! Our daughter uses Dr. Brown's bottles which have tons of little parts and the Boon Lawn fits it all and then some. Looking nice is another bonus!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it for $22.71

    8. This ointment that will protect your baby's skin — especially from diaper rash.

    hj.le_soleil / Via

    Average rating: 4.7/5

    Total reviews: 2,672

    Percentage of 5-star reviews: 85%

    Sample 5-star review: "This stuff is great. I have been using it nearly every diaper change to prevent any diaper rashes as the pediatrician said it would provide a protective barrier between baby and dirty diapers. So far, so good! No rashes, it's soothing, and has so many uses. I've used it for little scratches, dry skin, little blemishes in more." —Amazon Customer

    Get it for $10.44.

    9. This jumperoo that promotes healthy development while keeping babies happy and entertained.

    littlebabyprelovedshop / Via

    Average rating: 4.8/5

    Total reviews: 5,833

    Percentage of 5-star reviews: 83%

    Sample 5-star review: "This jumperoo has been worth every bit of the $60 we spent on it. I joke with my husband that I would have gladly paid $500 for it. My daughter is 5.5 months old...and she absolutely loves this thing. She loves jumping in it. When she's tired of jumping she plays with the toys. When she tires of that we turn her to play with different toys. Then she jumps some more. Because of this I can finally eat breakfast at a normal pace, fold a load of laundry, or take a mental break for my sanity." —Amazon Customer

    Get it for $85.04.

    10. This infant care kit that has almost everything you'll need to keep track of your little one.

    Average rating: 4.4/5

    Total reviews: 1,342

    Percentage of 5-star reviews: 70%

    Sample 5-star review: "This is a great little kit. We still use a lot of the pieces even after 15 months. Some of the items we haven't used at all, but that doesn't mean someone else wouldn't need them." —Amazon Customer

    Get it for $16.19.

    11. This musical cube that teaches babies by playing Mozart music.

    katjara / Via

    Average rating: 4.6/5

    Total reviews: 572

    Percentage of 5-star reviews: 74%

    Sample 5-star review: "Cute musical toy for my 1-year-old to play with. It's easy to engage by pressing the large buttons, makes noise which babies love, and the sounds are tolerable for the adults in the room!" —Amazon Customer

    Get one for $24.99.

    12. This portable changing station that is perfect for the on-the-go parent.


    Average rating: 4.7/5

    Total reviews: 343

    Percentage of 5-star reviews: 79%

    Sample 5-star review: "Must have when changing baby in public places!! It’s so easy to use I can do it with one hand. One downside is the size of the changer but it’s cute so it’s a good trade off. Has plenty of pockets for diapers and wipes." — Amazon Customer

    Get it for $19.18.

    13. This bath lotus that makes giving your baby a bath in the sink easy — and is quite comfortable for your baby.

    bloomingbath / Via

    Average rating: 4.5/5

    Total reviews: 915

    Percentage of 5-star reviews: 68%

    Sample 5-star review: "This changed bath time for us. Best investment we've made for our 8 week old. She hated bath time and it was because she was so uncomfortable and it was so hard to keep her warm and actually wash her. In the lotus she was so comfy and I was able to wash her instead of figure out how to securely hold her." —Amazon Customer

    Get it for $25.

    14. This rinser that offers a tear-free way to wash your baby's hair.

    Average rating: 4.5/5

    Total reviews: 923

    Percentage of 5-star reviews: 74%

    Sample 5-star review: "SO worth it! Bathing my baby has been a nightmare! He HATES baths... This thing solves that! Wish I had bought it sooner! WAY better than the cup I was using. It contours to his head comfortably and keeps the water flow even!" —Amazon Customer

    Get one for $6.33.

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