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    32 Things Even The Biggest Cat Lover Probably Doesn't Own Yet

    If your cat could talk, they'd ask for these — fur real.

    1. A wall mounted cat capsule — you might as well sell your TV, because once this is in your home your liquified kitto is the only thing you'll be looking at.

    2. An elevated cat bed for fancy cats who like sleeping in a secure space (the rounded shape and raised frame makes them feel extra safe) and fancy cat parents who like pet furniture that isn't an eye-sore.

    Cat inside raised circular cat bed made of rattan

    3. A self-cleaning litter box, which is gonna prove that the most efficient way to clean out the litter is, funny enough, by not cleaning it yourself at all.

    Cat walking out of covered litter box

    4. A pet hair broom that extends up to 60 inches, so you can actually reach all the nooks and crannies where your cat puts her fanny...and get all the hair she loves leaving behind.

    5. A collapsable Tunnel of Love for decorating your home with things your cat is actually allowed, and encouraged, to play with.

    Bright red heart-covered tunnel toy with felt front, silky inside, and hanging toy in front of hole opening

    6. A floral water fountain with three pressure settings and a darling design sure to convince your particularly persnickety pet that their water is, in fact, fresh as a daisy.

    7. An unnecessarily lovely scratching globe so genius you're gonna be saying "Why didn't I think of that?!" every time you see it in your space. Cat-friendly decor is getting so cool.

    Globe shaped cat scratcher with wooden base and scratch-able orb

    8. A window bed that'll give your favorite bird watcher the perfect perch.

    9. A pack of handcrafted wool ball toys, basically Montessori toys for frisky felines, for kittos who need to get ~on a roll~ with some new playtime shenanigans.

    Person holding five felted wool balls in their hand

    10. A appetite stimulation bowl with a two-part system, letting you hide some drool-worthy treats in the bottom of the bowl that'll smell great, encouraging your kitto to eat their food right on up!

    11. A matching bracelet and collar so you can twin it up with your BFF (best furry friend).

    A person's hand petting a cat, both are wearing blue bands

    12. A waterless cat bath to use on your beloved feline, who would love nothing more than to scratch your eyes out if you dared try to put them in an actual bath. This leave-in foam keeps them clean and even moisturizes your kitto's skin!

    13. A fruit tart cat bed with removable fruits and a cushioned crust that'll help convince your stoic sweetheart to start showing that they love you ~berry~ much.

    My hairless cat inside a bed that looks like a fruit tart

    14. A purring cat toy sure to ease your anxious bud by giving them the sensation of curling up next to another purring pal.

    15. A skateboard scratcher – it's gonna show you support your pet's tiny cat skate life.

    16. An aloe vera and oatmeal dander-reducing spray for keeping your cat's coat soft, shiny, and free of flakes. Sure, your cat thinks he's doing a mighty fine job on his own, but his tongue can't exactly condition dry skin or reduce redness — this will clear that up lickety-split!

    Before and after showing cat covered in loose fur and dander, wiped clean after using product

    17. A cat grass planter that just might convince your overeager plant eater that the poisonous house plants in your living room are no longer worth chewing on and vomiting up — it might be worth monchin' on something their tummy loves instead.

    18. A dental kit that comes with toothpaste, a toothbrush, a finger brush, and the comfort of knowing your carnivore's tiny toofs are gonna be clean and healthy!

    19. A ceramic no-spill bowl with sturdy wooden legs that'll keep your kitto from shoving their dish around and getting food everywhere.

    Colorful bowl with wooden leg base

    20. A cat feeder to get your speed eater to eat more slowly while also engaging their natural hunting instincts.

    21. A no-effort eye wash made with presoaked pads that'll clear away the gunk that always seems to creep onto their faces. Can you believe a critter that literally bathes itself all day can get so dirty? Because ~eye~ sure can't.

    22. A pet stroller so you can take your indoor cat out on a walk and let them enjoy the fresh air, while those around you can enjoy how cute your fur baby looks while rolling around.

    Person at park with cat sitting inside screened-in stroller

    23. Or a harness and bungee leash combo made specifically for these flexible felines to master their catwalk.

    24. A litter disposal can that'll make the worst part of cat owning stink a little (actually, a lot) less.

    Office trash sized canister with removable tub, handle, and lid

    25. A tiny TV ottoman sure to give your critter a cozy place to snooze and give you something to watch other than Netflix.

    26. A DIY cat door so your cat can roam around your home without meowing at you whenever a door is closed. The added brush can groom them every time they walk through it — a calming activity they can do when guests are over and they have no interest in ~brushing up~ on their people skills.

    Fuzzy black cat in center of arched door entry, with rough bristles scratching its back

    27. A truly incredible cat condo coffee table — a furniture hybrid we cat parents didn't know we needed in our lives...until now. Guess what, people? We need it.

    28. A pet camera with two-way audio, night vision, and a laser that's gonna make it easy to check in on your cat's house-sitting skills.

    29. A surprise kitty cap for the fashionable feline in your life. Your parents are gonna go bananas when you send them grandkitty photos with this outfit on.

    30. A mounted cat scratcher so you can prove you aren't ~kitten~ around when you tell people you give your cat the very best.

    31. A Pretty Litter subscription designed to change colors when your cat is sick, helping you know in plenty of time to get them to the vet. Nothing will put your mind at ease better than knowing your kitto's health is ~crystal~ clear.

    32. And a hanging macrame cat bed, because your baby loves boho decor as much as you do – sharing a bed with you is no longer gonna cut it once your cat knows *this* exists.

    When your cat sees their new *treasures* for the first time:

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