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    23 Rings You'll Likely Want To Buy For Every Finger

    "Ring ring ring" – your jewelry box just called; it said go ahead and get all of these.

    1. A pearl ring set available in yellow gold and silver — grab both and you can start mixing metals like a fashion-savvy master.

    2. A delicate opal piece for a dainty look that's appropriate on every occasion.

    3. A set of four vintage-inspired floral rings as a simply de-vine set of accessories to show off.

    4. A mystery resin pick that'll be a fun surprise gift to get yourself if you want a life (and hand) full of color.

    5. A solid stacked ring we know you're gonna love, without a silver of a doubt.

    6. A honey bee band sure to delight anyone who is ~bugged~ by bare fingers.

    7. A high polish midi and standard star set that'll have your friends passive-aggressively saying, "Astrolo-gee, I wish I had some shiny star rings!"

    8. A set of raw stone rings for a look that really ~rocks~.

    9. A baguette crystal that's gonna look like it was worth some serious bread.

    10. A silicone stacker set sure to stay comfortable no matter how much you swell (from workouts, pregnancy, or gratitude) when you get them.

    11. A shiny spinner ring — you can mindlessly play with this and stay on a roll at work, even if you're a rather fidgety person.

    12. A locket ring — a ~picture~ perfect accessory for the romantics among us.

    13. A sea monster ring you're gonna want on tentic-all of your fingers.

    14. A white gold plated cubic zirconia number so you can shine bright like a diamond without paying the price.

    15. A practically paper-thin square ring that'll be your flat-out fave forever.

    16. A personalized band sure to have you thinking of the loved one who has *you* wrapped around *their* little finger.

    17. A cowie ring for anyone who would ~shell~ out some serious cash for an ocean-inspired accessory (fortunately, you won't have to).

    18. A lovely liquid ring set that'll melt your shopaholic heart.

    19. An adjustable mountain range ring so you can wear a nature-inspired accessory that hasn't ~hiked~ up in price.

    20. A chunky ring set that's gonna look totally golden with everything you own.

    21. A crescent moon ring that's sure to have you starry-eyed every time you look at it.

    22. A coffin cut piece you'll love if your gaudy goth side is shining as bright as a full moon lately.

    23. And a monogram signet ring you may initially think this is an unnecessarily luxurious piece, but for anyone who wants to show of their initials, there's no better way!

    Me, showing off all my new rings:

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