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    26 Food-Themed Accessories That Just Might Leave You Hungry For More

    Get ready to add some new taste buds to your accessory collection.

    1. A dragon fruit ring that's handmade with polymer clay and sculpted without using molds — a true piece of art that'll certainly be adored by fanciful fruit enthusiasts.

    2. A hamburger crossbody bag for daring days when you feel like showing off your buns.

    3. A set of drop earrings you can mix and match or wear as a pair whenever you want to sport a seriously juicy look.

    4. A pair of embroidered loafers that'll be the pine-apple of your eye.

    5. A pizza fanny pack for bold souls who aren't afraid of wearing a slightly cheesy, but perfectly practical, piece.

    6. A squash booty enamel pin that'll make people say, "Oh my ~gourd~ I love your pin so much!" throughout all of fall.

    7. A pompom beanie that's sure to ~produce~ some smiles whenever you wear it.

    8. A satin neckerchief that'll be the cherry on top of every outfit you own.

    9. A pack of gummy bear studs sure to add a sensationally sweet touch to your daily attire.

    10. A pair of crew socks you can throw on to help you run fast when you want to pick up some fast food.

    11. A honeycomb broach that's gonna look bee-autiful on ya body.

    12. A pack of sushi pins for anyone who has acquired an aquatic taste in food as well as fashion.

    13. A cupcake beanie that'll make even the worst bad hair days sweet.

    14. A candy corn infinity loop scarf so you can wear a not-so-scary accessory that shows off the true meaning of Halloween = candy.

    15. A green apple bow tie for any well-dressed professionals who still want to look seriously hard ~core~.

    16. A heckin' lovely pasta necklace you can wear each and every day to remind you of your one true love, carbs.

    17. A pair of comfy Crocs with a design that'll be worth spending some real avocadough on.

    18. A pancake ring for brunch enthusiasts who deserve an accessory in honor of their flapjack photo Instagram skills.

    19. A pizza box of socks that'll be a saucy way to cover up your toma-toes.

    20. A cookie crown headband — yeah, it's gonna make everyone painfully jealous when you wear this and refuse to share it. But that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

    21. A pack of zombie treats you can pin on your person, as long as you're dead-certain these snacks won't bite back.

    22. A handmade rose gold diamond ring — a stunning, non-traditional engagement ring to get your partner if you love them so much you wish you could just eat them right up.

    23. A pizza pocket lanyard for people who prefer an accessory they can really sink their teeth into. No, really.

    24. Or a more subtle BFF necklace you and your friends can get in honor of the good times you've shared together... most of which, interestingly enough, have involved pizza.

    25. A pair of snow cone hair clips that'll make every hairstyle you try out look totally chill.

    26. And a tee from BuzzFeed's Good Advice Cupcake collection that might not be an accessory *but* if you're a fan of sinfully sweet treats, it's gonna be worth taking this clever cupcake's advice: get the shirt anyway.

    Now go show off your tasty new look!

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