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    30 Accessories To Add To Your "Jeans And A Nice Top" Weekend Outfit

    Being fashionable is in your jeans.

    1. A structural bamboo handbag that'll become your go-to all spring and summer long. It's perfect for your phone, wallet, and keys during a night out.

    2. Or a round rattan over-the-shoulder bag you can accent with an adorable scarf before heading out to brunch.

    3. A Daniel Wellington mesh strap watch so you're never late to your next lunch date or hair appointment. It's sleek, modern, and can go with any outfit.

    4. A colorful mini wallet clutch with literally a zillion slots for cards and two zippered pockets for cash and change. It also features RFID technology, AKA you'll be protected from possible unauthorized card scanning and theft.

    5. A ridiculously cute set of enamel pins, because a jean jacket is not properly decorated without them. It's a fact.

    6. A straw fedora hat for those days when dry shampoo is the only answer. It'll top off any outfit in the best way possible.

    7. Layered tassel earrings to dress up your favorite blouse and pair of jeans. They're lightweight and feature a ton of colors.

    8. A chunkier rhinestone necklace you can pair with a tank on a night out. But it doesn't stop there – it can be worn to a more formal event like a wedding or baby shower.

    9. A twist headband that'll hold all those loose baby hairs out of your face, but will also make your updo look better than ever.

    10. Cat-eye mirrored sunglasses, because I don't think any other accessory makes you feel as cool as a great pair of shades. What are you looking at? It's a complete mystery.

    11. Oversized pearl hair clips that'll look stylish in a multitude of ways. It's the perfect way to highlight your fishtail braid or high bun.

    12. A crystal cube ring low key inspired by the infamous infinity stones, but without the finger-snapping drama. It'll catch the light at different angles – causing everyone to stop and stare.

    13. Abstract face and hand earrings that'll definitely become a conversation starter. If you're feeling particularly edgy, you can mix and match them!

    14. Or a set of gummy bear earrings for any foodie who has a sweet tooth. Just prepare for people to ask if they're real. They are not...please don't try to eat them.

    15. A lightweight scarf if the weekend weather is a bit chillier than expected. No need to fret, you can still look chic with a scarf and jacket layered over your favorite button-up.

    16. A faux-leather belt to provide a little shine in an unexpected place. It's simple and understated, but will act as the finishing touch to an already Insta-worthy outfit.

    17. A silver-plated half moon necklace that'll make your summer look that much more fabulous. Can you say sleek?

    18. A sophisticated color-blocked clutch, because a dinner-date and evening out call for some elevated style. Enter the ultra-posh clutch.

    19. A satin scarf to tie into a high pony or loose braid. Personally I think hair accessories are underrated and a great opportunity to showcase your style!

    20. A knot infinity bracelet that'll adjust to your wrist size so you don't have to worry about it slipping off mid-day. It's delicate and can be easily layered with other pieces.

    21. An edgy ear cuff to layer into your current ear party. You don't need any piercing – it'll slip over your lobe and can be tightened so it sits firmly in place.

    22. A bow-topped hair tie, because you have yet to master the messy bun, but with an adorable bow like this, you don't even care.

    23. A spiked choker to add some necessary bling to an outfit. It'll frame your neck perfectly and has a matching bracelet available.

    24. A Revlon lipstick, because nothing boosts confidence like a bold lip. It's the perfect shade of red, has extreme staying power, and a delish blend of avocado oil and Vitamin E.

    25. A bandana hand-stitched from organic cotton that'll bring a pop of color to an all-black outfit. The best part? Proceeds go back to the female Indian artisans to help provide sustainable careers.

    26. A Kayu fringe bucket tote you'll never want to put down. It has drawstrings that can be pulled close so no important items go tumbling out.

    27. A X-ring to wear on any finger (not just your engagement ring finger). Since it can take up some major real estate, don't worry about layering it with another ring.

    28. Semi-rimless sunglasses with polarized lens for UV protection. Yes, they look like that Ray-Ban pair, but no, they aren't nearly as expensive.

    29. Wood and resin earrings to pack on your next island getaway. Paired with a maxi dress and wedge sandals, you'll easily get that vacay snap you've been itching to take.

    30. An initial necklace, because no piece is as timeless as your own initial. It'll become an easy go-to, and who doesn't love a dependable piece of jewelry?

    Dress to impress, baby.

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