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    26 Shoes That People With Wide Feet Actually Swear By

    Because your toes deserve happiness.

    As anyone with wide feet is *painfully* aware, most shoes are not designed to comfortably fit spread-out piggies. And! A lot of brands that do make "wide-width shoes" are still way too narrow. So, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community which shoes are actually *the* best for wide feet — and they delivered with recommendations for tried-and-true flats, sneakers, boots, and more!

    Let's check out their must-haves:

    1. Toms are a cute addition to any outfit and don't pinch an inch.

    2. Converse will probably always stay in style, and your feet will thank you.

    3. Clarks have styles specifically designed to give a little ~wiggle room~.

    4. Vans are a classic option that you can depend on for years to come.

    5. Birkenstocks are a clear choice for breathability and maximum comfort.

    6. Keen meets your needs for anything from outdoor shoes to flats.

    7. Naturalizer takes the pain out of heels, so that it's all gain.

    8. Ryka can offer relief with its big range of sneakers and sandals.

    9. Minnetonka moccasins carry wide sizes if you need a little more breathing room.

    10. Teva has long lived up to expectations of roomy and practical designs.

    11. Superga is a win-win for both trendiness and practicality.

    12. Torrid keeps you and your spread piggies in mind with its specialty wide collection.

    13. Adidas are naturally wide, so your feet automatically have more room to roam free.

    14. Sanuk is ~widely known~ for its cushy soles and long-lasting support.

    15. AllBirds are an innovative wool sneaker that feel like a hug for your feet.

    16. Crocs will make you regret all the times you made fun of your mom, thanks to their new styles and roomy designs.

    17. Ecco won't leave you feeling restricted when searching for dressy options.

    18. Bandolino is the answer to your prayers for heels that don't bring you to your knees.

    19. Lotta From Stockholm is a quirky and fun option to expand your wardrobe without diminishing relaxation.

    20. Chacos provide cushioning and arch support for the ultimate relaxed fit.

    21. Simply Be (a plus-size clothing site) provides a large array of sizing and style options. They even have a section dedicated to wide-fit boots.

    22. Bearpaw has you covered summer to winter with its huge range of styles.

    23. Alegria makes cute, strappy flats to add some charm and cheer to your wardrobe.

    24. Bogs literally has your back rain or shine thanks to its wellies and sandals.

    25. Bass practically holds a cushion to your sole and provides special sizing in select styles.

    26. Dr. Martens really might be what the doctor ordered for their healthy dose of uniqueness and comfort.

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