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    33 Products That Are Pretty Much Dream-Worthy

    A dream is a wish your heart makes and *my* heart is wishing for every one of these dreamy things.

    1. A rose perfume with a uniquely spicy element thanks to the lemon, frankincense, and blackberry undertones for when you're sick of sugary high school sprays and dream of having a signature scent that smells floral and fresh, without smelling like your meemaw.

    2. A hanger stacker that's gonna keep your hangers organized and at-the-ready. Your dream of having a walk-in closet may not be a reality yet, but this thing is gonna help you ~hang~ onto that idea while making your matchbox-sized closet impressively organized.

    3. A smooth satin pajama set – a grown up pair of pajamas that'll feel sinfully silky on your skin and make you question how you ever fell asleep before slipping into these.

    4. A surprisingly aesthetic natural wood essential oil diffuser with a car vent clip so you can use all your favorite essential oils in your car, saving you from suffering through the scent of faux plastic pine.

    5. A sheer matte lipstick with a freshly-blotted look that adapts to your natural lip color, for those of us who are all about embracing a natural glam glow up. It's also vegan and great for dry, sensitive lips!

    6. A pair of black ankle boots sure to be your go-to pair when you've gotta ~buckle~ down and embrace this chilly weather. Throw a pair of warm socks on with these beauts and you just might feel toe-tally fine about your cold weather wardrobe this year.

    7. A stackable insulated travel mug that'll save space in your shelves or backpack and keep your drinks the perfect temperature. Whether you're enjoying the sunset while camping or watching the sunrise at your kitchen counter before work, this clever mug will help you drink it all in.

    8. A warm bamboo screen so you can break up the space in your studio with decor that isn't an eyesore. The divider you made with your sloth sheets is cute, but maybe not a forever fix. Your mom is visiting soon.

    9. A wind resistant Blunt umbrella – it's gonna withstand rain, wind, and even wintery weather and keep you covered (literally) no matter the forecast.

    10. A pack of four darling drool bibs (with teething toys attached) for saving the shirts of babbling babies who think everything in life is drool-worthy.

    11. A pair of leggings with a soft exterior and an essential amount of stretchiness – these are sure to be the go-to piece your body has been begging for now that the blustery weather is bringing oversized sweaters and knee boots back. Bless.

    12. A colorful four-piece geometric tray set you can use to portion your snacks in an aesthetically pleasing way or use as trinket dishes if you *also* need to focus on portion control when it comes to the nautical jewelry you can't seem to stop collecting.

    13. A chic wrap dress – a sensational (and machine washable!) staple you can wear whenever you are ready to *own* the dang day and look poised and professional while you're at it.

    14. An attachable wine aerator that'll infuse your beverage with oxygen to release the natural aromas and give you a dreamy drink right out of the bottle.

    15. A wrinkle-eliminating spray that can also work as a static and odor remover, refreshing your fabrics and making wrinkle-free clothes a simple spray away. Ever dream about doing laundry? Me neither. Until now.

    16. A giant wrist watch – and oversized piece of home decor that looks like something Pee-wee Herman dreamed up. Just you wait, this is gonna get complimented every ~time~ someone visits your home.

    17. A green-tea setting spray you can spray on to avoid shininess and help your makeup last all day. Not needing to reapply makeup before going out after work is something I haven't even dared to dream. Thanks, setting spray!

    18. A 4G Android Palm smartphone that is the size of a credit card for anyone who struggles holding their massive phone and does *not* believe bigger is better.

    19. A pack of two run-resistant black tights reviewers rave about. You're gonna forget why pants even exist after throwing these comfortable cuties on your legs!

    20. A silk sleep set with a luxe sleep mask and pillow case that'll make falling asleep smooth sailing from now on.

    21. A portable blender that's sure to make your morning breakfast ~blend~ in with the rest of your routine, because it's here to make sure breakfast takes almost no time out of your morning routine.

    22. Or a waffle stick maker for festive chefs who want to hand out some easy homemade holiday treats. Make a batch of these, throw on some melted chocolate and crushed candy, wrap them up in a bag with a bow, and you're G2G!

    23. A pair of curve-friendly high waist pants designed with a flawless fabric that'll actually let you move, breathe, and (most importantly) eat your fill this Thanksgiving without feeling like your pants will cut you in half.

    24. A car phone mount is gonna keep your GPS right where you need it without you fumbling to find your phone when you're trying to find your destination.

    25. A semi-sheer bra you're sure to think is the tits.

    26. A pair of handmade boots designed in a lightweight, breathable leather for people who know investing in a good pair of shoes is a great idea.

    27. A car cleaner that'll clean leather, vinyl, upholstery, carpet, plastic, and any other surface of your car that suffers from your spilling and scuffing skills.

    28. A pack of five *actual magic* microfiber makeup-removing cloths so you can remove your makeup (yes, even the waterproof flavors!) and wash your face with nothing but a little H2O!

    29. A Schick dermaplaning razor – it's gonna make cleaning up your brows a pain-free breeze from now on. No doubt abrowt it!

    30. A farmhouse bed frame that combines a rustic touch with modern geometric lines for a truly dream-worthy bed.

    31. A pair of fleece slippers so comfy you won't even feel ~sheepish~ about wearing them out.

    32. A pair of macrame plant hangers for sprucing up your home *and* freeing up some much needed counter space.

    33. And a box of cleaning tablets that'll get deep into your soaked-in stains and make your mugs safe to drink from again. I'm pretty sure you'd have to call poison control if you drank from your unwashed mug this moment... this'll help.

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