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    33 Products That, Against All Odds, Actually Exist

    There's a hair follicle doll in this post, people. I'm not messing around.

    1. An eyeball rug that's gonna be a real sight to see no matter where you put it in your place.

    2. A pack of 15 Shakespearean-insult adhesive bandages for people who aren't afraid to add insult to injury.

    3. A hair follicle and flesh plush doll sure to make your kids glad they're being raised by a dermatologist.

    4. An absurdly amusing bubble dome umbrella for people who hate when it's raining cats and dogs but wouldn't mind if it'd *finally* start raining men.

    5. A soy wax candle that'll smell like Grandma's kitchen (on cookie day, not liverwurst day).

    6. A serial killer coloring book which, unnervingly, has a surprising number of grandmothers inside – for people who like rather ~sketchy~ stress-reliving activities.

    7. A pack of six strange sodas that'll be a brilliant gift the next time a birthday comes around. Hopefully the person you give these to is able to enjoy the moment and drink it all in.

    8. A giant flour tortilla blanket – nothing is gonna make you feel more warm and cheesy than wrapping yourself up in this treat!

    9. A wine bottle stopper you can pull out to save your drink during long as you aren't too ~chicken~ to show this thing off.

    10. A personalized gift wrap to *really* celebrate someone special – if they're able to ~face~ that much affection, that is.

    11. A strawberry toilet seat that'll look ~berry~ cute in your bathroom. You know, if absurdly adorable toilet decor is your kinda ~jam~.

    12. A pizza box of socks so you can give your cheesiest friend a gift they can really sink their teeth (well, feet) into.

    13. A cat tongue brush your cat is gonna have a fur-ocious affection for.

    14. A box of rainbow fire packets that'll add a little color to your camping trip...even if it seems like there's no way these actually work.

    15. A yoga goat game for party people who aren't ~kidding~ around when it comes to game night.

    16. An RBG waffle maker that'll help make a ~supreme~ breakfast – waffles with a side of *justice*!

    17. A fruit tart cat bed with removable fruits and a cushioned crust to give your four-legged sweetheart a gift you're both sure to love ~berry~ much.

    18. A book on bad taxidermy you can leave out to let your roommate know the decor in your place could be way, way worse.

    19. A box of miracle fruit tablets – mind-boggling candies that'll turn your taste buds upside down. This is a fun family activity that'll never go ~sour~ (although technically the effects wear off after around 30 minutes).

    20. A festive plunger for decorating your bathroom if you think it's ~crappy~ that Christmas isn't all year long.

    21. A laser engraved spoon that'll make your brunch squad quake in fear.

    22. A grisly garden gnome sure to make any dead plants in your garden look less out of place.

    23. A potato pal so you can send a preciously personalized gift to the~stud~ in your life.

    24. Donner Dinner Party, a board game that's certainly gonna be everybody's ~taste~.

    25. A lumberjack outfit that'll make your four-legged friend look like the foreman of a lumber mill for some unnecessary (but adorable) reason.

    26. A pimple popper which is sure to be, and I can't stress this enough, impussible to stop playing.

    27. A mystery Cutetitos pet that, despite how creepy it is to throw a lovable stuffed animal into a tortilla, is totally gonna redefine the term "cute enough to eat."

    28. A pet rock so you can have a hassle-free pet that really, ahem, rocks.

    29. A pack of six cat magnets sure to make your roommate say, "Yeah we have to keep these up when my parents come to visit?"

    30. A tea infuser that'll steep your tea without things getting all Nessy.

    31. A hot potato game with a shocking twist that's seriously gonna raise the stakes the next time you have a game night at your place.

    32. A foot hammock for people who believe in literally putting their feet up and relaxing (as long as their boss isn't around).

    33. And finally, a shrimp pillow that's sure to have you drifting off to dreamland in no time, no matter how ~fishy~ it looks on your flight.

    The look you'll get when you show off your new *treasures* to your friends and family:

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