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    41 Pieces Of Home Decor Are From Amazon, But That'll Be Our Little Secret

    You can find everything from quirky cool decor to drop-dead gorgeous heirloom pieces, that is, if you know your way around the Amazon.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A rocket ship cat condo that'll look outta this WORLD adorable in your home. When friends find out it's from Amazon? They'll think you're being ~spacey~ and forgetting what top-of-the-line pet boutique you really got it from.

    four level rocket ship shaped cat tree with three cats climbing on it

    Promising review: "This is the best modern cat tree on the market! It’s fun to look at, as opposed to the outdated carpeted trees. The rocket is a conversation starter and my cats loved it right when I set it up. The plush pads provided are perfect for them to snooze on and the hanging balls provide hours of entertainment. I’m so glad I bought this for my kitties to enjoy! The manufacturing quality on it is very good. I was really impressed with how perfect each piece was and the instructions were very clear to follow. It did take a little over an hour to set up on my own; another pair of hands would help expedite it! I can’t say enough great things about it! You won’t be sad that you purchased it!!" —Birgitta

    Price: $184.99

    2. An abstract shower curtain sure to look like a piece of art in your bathroom, or an *actual* piece of art in your home. Wrap it around a frame like the reviewer below and you're sure to have a bold conversation piece at a steal of a price!,

    Promising review: "I purchased this shower curtain for my new apartment and I am in love with it. I think my plans for this bathroom were all over the place. I wanted minimalist, boho chic, but also wanted to incorporate enough color. I think this is a great balance. I will say that it looks way more pink in the photo but it’s actually a pale peach color. It paired well with my light wooden shelves and sink cabinet. I paired it with pink bath mats for the soft boho aesthetic. It’s water resistant and it’s not see through. The material appears to be thick enough for a shower curtain and looks like really good quality." —Ines

    Price: $15.99+ (available in four sizes)

    3. A crescent moon mirror that's gonna have you all starry-eyed every time you look at it.

    round mirror with realistic looking crescent moon design on one side. it is balanced on a stand and placed on a desk.

    Promising review: "I am absolutely obsessed with this mirror! I love anything and everything moon-themed so when I saw this, knew I had to purchase it. I love that it comes with a stand so you have the option to place it on dresser or to hang it on the wall (like I did). It’s great quality and totally worth the price. Super cute — I definitely recommend it." —Ashley Lauren

    Price: $28.99

    4. A wireless library light you can use to highlight favorite books or pieces of art in your home. It has both warm and cool light settings, so it can easily match your seasonal aesthetic shift.,

    This uses three AAA batteries and includes a remote that lets you set the light to different brightnesses and schedule a timer for15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes.

    Promising review: "For the price you can’t beat it. Super easy to install and lightweight. The gold had a slight orange tint to it, so be mindful of that. I actually just taped over the light and spray-painted ours with gold spray paint I had left over and then they were absolutely perfect." —Paris Seder

    Price: $35.99+ (available in three colors)

    5. A woven pendant light for folks who want to create an upscale, open, and airy vibe in their home that'd make anyone a price that's actually affordable.

    three tiered woven pendant light cover made with rattan. the image shows a person making their bed underneath the light.

    Promising review: "We love it. We had to get a black mounting plate for the likes of our ceiling but otherwise it’s awesome. It looks amazing." —Lady JLJ

    Price: $99.99

    6. A Baroque mirror I can hardly believe is actually on Amazon. Get this in your life (at this price!) before everybody finds out our little secret and it's sold out for good!

    Promising review: "All I can say is woooow! This mirror is not only affordable, but the quality is amazing. It’s heavy and not cheap looking. The gold color is not so tacky, and it’s done just right. My main concern was receiving a broken mirror but the packaging was great and arrived in one piece. Don’t hesitate buying this gem, you need it!" —Celeste C

    Price: $119.99+ (available in two sizes)

    7. A pearl lamp so dang darling it'd practically be ~shellfish~ to not get it for your home!

    hand holding the iridescent shell lamp with pearl light glowing inside

    The battery-powered pearl light can be removed from the ceramic shell base and carried around, making this a great choice for children who like having a night-light nearby.

    Promising review: "This is a pretty and unique light but be aware, the battery only lasts about 48 hours so I removed one star. It is quirky and unique mood lighting." —T3268

    Price: $35.99+ (available in two colors)

    8. A disco ball you're gonna need to bounce light all around your room if you're still deep into Folklore and want those "Mirrorball" vibes IRL.

    Promising review: "My apartment gets very little sunlight, but every single night I look forward to when the sun sets so I can watch the light dance around the room. This simple little mirrored ball has brought me so much joy. Definitely recommend! Yes, there are areas where the mirror pieces are applied a little haphazardly but it’s mostly at the bottom and quite frankly I don’t care considering how affordable this thing is." —Holly

    Price: $21.99 (available in two colors)

    9. An iridescent vase that'll ~clearly~ be worth rockin' if you don't have a ton of space in your studio and thus, only invest in decor that's positively droolworthy.

    arched vase with a single eucalyptus stem inside. it's iridescent in color.

    BTW, I own this vase! I prefer to buy vases on Amazon and pair different pieces together. This one is great because it doesn't have a round footprint, so it's easy to put on a bookshelf or against a wall. I totally recommend it! 

    Promising review: "This vase is gorgeous, playful, and elegant. It gives of beautiful ethereal vibes. I'm very happy with it." —Suzanne Roth

    Price: $39.99

    10. An Oriental rug bath mat — a break from traditional bath mats sure to be a hit with people who like a cozy, classic look throughout their entire house.

    Amazon, Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed

    I also own this! The old tile floors in my rental are looking a little grim, so I decided to layer rugs and cover up as much of the floor as I could (pictured above, right). I loved this bath mat so much I added it to the top of the pile! It absorbs moisture easily, is a cinch to clean in the laundry, and it's super soft. Plus it's dang good looking...but I might be biased.

    Promising review: "This is a very cute little boho rug. It looks exactly as described and fit perfectly in my RV bathroom." —Toshi

    Price: $14.99+ (available in five sizes and three colors)

    11. A stone essential-oil diffuser so you can rid your space of unsettling smells and choose a scent that soothes you.

    minimalist stone diffuser in terra cotta

    Promising review: "I’ve owned a variety of diffusers and this is the best one by far. It’s worth the price. The build quality is excellent and the stone cover is superb. The best part is that you don’t hear it running and it lasts all day (eight hours) and even into the evening. I’ve owned others of a similar style, but for some reason this one last twice as long on a single water fill. I absolutely love this purchase. I strongly recommend it if you’re looking for one." —HavoKS

    Price: $48.98+ (available in five colors)

    12. A wall panel headboard set for upgrading your bedroom, living room, or entryway with wall art that is both functional and good-looking. Go ahead, make any room in your home look like it was plucked straight out of a 5-star hotel.,,

    And adding soft padding to walls where your kids love to jump around (i.e. sofas, beds, etc.) may save you from dealing with head bonk tears to boot!

    Promising review: "These wall panels are so versatile! You can do just about anything with them. They add a major LUXE quality to your home. You really can't go wrong with these!" —Chef Toni Leanne

    Price: $189+ (available in 31 colors and two sizes)

    13. A geometric panel curtain that'll add some texture to your rental's walls while leaving the *actual* walls bare. Because what's a landlord's favorite thing to count? Holes in the drywall.

    Geometric curtain with tassels on the edges

    BTW, You can also get a two-panel version in the same fabric and pattern.

    Promising review: "These are fantastic and everything I had hoped they would be. The fabric is like a light canvas. It’s a heavy feeling fabric but it won’t weigh a curtain rod down. They’re beautiful curtains...just buy them!" —Amazon Customer

    Price: $21.99+ (available in four sizes)

    14. A metallic-gold leopard-print peel-and-stick wallpaper to add some glam to your place. Some people like beige as a base color. But if you, like me, love that maximalist life...beige doesn't stand a chance.,

    Promising review: "I love love love this!! SO easy to work with and gorgeous quality. I just adore this product and can’t say enough about it." —Stephanie's Stuff

    Price: $27.14

    15. A mint stool for raising your kid up and raising the bar when it comes to necessary toddler decor.

    Modern stool with triangular base and natural wooden steps

    Promising review: "This is very cute and very easy to assemble. It arrived when expected and in new condition. It's the perfect height for my 2-year-old to reach the faucet. It's a little heavy for her to pick up but she can push it around just fine." —Liz

    Price: $32.38

    16. A tobacco and patchouli candle in an amber apothecary jar that's waaay too pretty to be this price — snag this steal of a deal and give your bookshelves something to brag about.,

    The tobacco and patchouli version of this candle is the staple scent in my home! I bought it for the jar, and because I don't like very sweet, flowery scents. Dang! Did this thing deliver! It has a great burn time and the smell is exactly what I wanted. This is 100% worth gifting, but I'd end up just keeping it for myself.

    Promising review: "Goldilocks would love this candle because everything is just right. Some candle scents are too strong or fake smelling and some are too weak – this candle is perfect. The subtle, yet alluring scent provides nice background fragrance for any room and burns very clean. I'm sensitive to candles with fake chemical smells or wax that burns dirty and these candles are my go-to because they never cause a problem. The glass jar gives a nice glow and the candle has a long life. A little more money than most on here but worth it for 'just right.'" —Sterling

    Price: $26 (available in nine scents)

    17. A botanical blackout curtain so you can enjoy some leafy greens even when you'd rather not see the sun. Nap time is a precious thing once we hit adulthood, after all.

    Leafy curtains with green blackout back

    Promising review: "The picture does not do this curtain justice, at all! It's very vibrant and colorful and it does not let much light through. I use this as a door replacement for my closet but when inside the closet with the lights off, no light comes through. The color and detail is absolutely gorgeous — I couldn't ask for more. Great buy!" —Leah

    Price: $27.99

    18. Or a pair of sheer drapes that'll show all your visitors you really do have a di-vine sense of style.,

    Promising review: "I have extra tall windows in my sunroom. I decided to order ten of these panels because they were so inexpensive and because the print would add a nice touch to all the plants, white wicker, etc. I LOVE THE WAY THIS LOOKS IN A SUNROOM. The quality is what you would expect for the price, the print is great but the seams pucker slightly. But when I put the ten panels together, that all just worked together. My windows are now bright with leaves cascading down and the whole room is just fantastic because of these curtains." —Janice Briggs

    Price: $9.96 (available in four colors)

    19. A pair of amber glass bottles so you can replace the sad, plastic bottles that make your counters look cluttered. Throw your lotions and potions into these to give your bathroom a unified, clean vibe.

    two amber bottles on a reviewer's kitchen sink. both have labels saying what is inside.

    To recreate the look above, be sure to grab some waterproof labels

    Promising review: "Exactly as pictured and truly pretty. The pumps are well made, and fit and work perfectly. The glass is not thin — not bulky-thick either. I am very impressed with the quality and pricing. I love these and will absolutely buy them again." —Admin Math & Science

    Price: $15.99

    20. A peel-and-stick wallpaper that'll brighten up your home with its marvelous, day-at-the-beach-house touch.,

    Promising review: "I am IN LOVE. I bought this to use as a backsplash in my rented studio apartment kitchen, which has potential to be pretty but really needs some help. I ordered two rolls thinking that if I liked it in my kitchen, I’d order more to use on the wall behind my bar cart. I loved it so much when it came in that I decided to go ahead and put it up on the big wall and deal with the kitchen later. The pattern is so easy to line up and it looks so good! My tiny, dark apartment instantly looked bigger and brighter. Even up close I can’t tell where the seams are. It was super easy to put up by myself, though I would recommend having another person to help if possible because it would have taken a lot less time if I’d had someone to hold it steady while I lined up the edges. If I could give 6 stars I would. It’s expensive but worth every penny!" —Lizzy

    Price: $32.04+ (available in three colors)

    21. A self-care eucalyptus bundle that's gonna have your bathroom smelling like a flower shop the moment you step in. Turn the shower on for a few seconds before a bath and enjoy some *truly* botanical aromatherapy. Amazon, you have outdone yourself.

    person standing in a shower and hanging up the large bundle of eucalyptus

    Mama Wonderbar is an LA-based business that's woman-owned and 100% staffed by women. To learn more about their line, check out their Instagram

    Promising review: "I was super excited when my eucalyptus bundle arrived beautifully wrapped and smelling magnificent! My entire bathroom smells divine and gives me a true sense of clam. It not only looks lush and smells delicious but I believe it is a stress reliever. I highly recommend this product! Love Love Love!!" —Kristen Evanson 

    Price: $39.99

    22. A firework chandelier — a modern statement piece that'll enhance your front hallway, showing all your guests you REALLY know how to make an entrance.,

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this light. Makes the kitchen look awesome, the light is bright and did I mention it was super easy to install." —Robin L–B

    Price: $91.98

    23. An arched floor mirror is gonna add a modern touch to your room, no matter how eclectic your decor may be. Every time you look at this piece you're gonna ~reflect~ on all your good decorative choices. I promise.

    full length mirror with arch at top. it is leaning against a wall and has a green outer frame.

    I own this mirror! My apartment has windows in awkward areas, making my living room darker than it should be during the day. I got this right when I moved in so I could bounce some light from the windows to the other end of the room and it works perfectly! It was one of the first things I put up in my living room and I instantly started getting compliments on it (even when the room was mostly full of unopened boxes). 

    Promising review: "This is definitely the most I’ve ever spent on a mirror but I’m super pleased with it! The reflection is great and I didn’t notice any flaws or warping. I would highly recommend." —Annalee

    Price: $149.99+ (available in four colors)

    24. Interlocking Teak tiles I'm pretty certain were made specifically to turn rentals into brag-worthy homes. You don't need tools to install them as long as they're going on a hard, flat surface. That means you'll be able to simply take them apart and pack them up the next time you move!,

    Promising review: "Living in Hawaii you have to select wise items that are weather-, salt-, and red dirt–proof, etc... In total I ordered 11 boxes to complete my yoga deck. I have a few left over to make steps on the back. Very pleased and happy. May order more for an outdoor shower project!" —Adazzle

    Price: $69.01

    25. A strikingly realistic faux saguaro cactus people are sure to be asking about. Go ahead and let them get ~prickly~ — you keep your shopping secrets to yourself! I support you.

    tall faux cactus in cement pot

    Promising review: "I'm in LOVE! This was a bit of a splurge for me and I don’t regret it!!!" —Tali Love

    Price: $94.99

    26. A quilted chenille floor pillow for anyone in an apartment so small, "furniture" is a word that needs a little wiggle room...because your apartment has none at all.


    Promising review: "This comes just as pictured and described. It is comfortable and looks luxurious. It's great for floor seating." —AKhan

    Price: $29.74+ (available in eight colors)

    27. A golden tree floor lamp, because adding more lamps and lighting to a room creates the best ambience. With this standing tall in your place, your home decor tours are gonna be one step closer to TikTok fame.

    closeup of reviewer's lamp. it has three edison bulbs covered in wire shades and stands on its own.

    Promising review: "This is an awesome lamp, it's very unique! It comes with amber glass incandescent bulbs. I10/10 would recommend this lamp!" —Preston

    Price: $101.99

    28. A wooden soap dish — you'll be surprised by what a difference a chic soap dish makes. Who knew something this basic could be this pretty?,

    Promising review: "Nice wooden holders for soap. The quality is good and they look great. I was looking for something natural and those two are the best choice for this price. They are washable and easy to clean. I like how they fit my bathroom interior. Highly recommended." —Ekaterina Vakhromeeva

    Price: $6.49

    29. A pair of abstract lamps can add a quirky touch to your place while also giving you some much needed light. These look like a literal bright idea, amiright?!

    two lamps on a table. each has a different looking wire face and an exposed bulb on top.

    These don't include bulbs, so be sure to grab some if you don't have any at home. 

    Promising review: "These were very easy to assemble. They're very unique and cool. I’ve gotten so many compliments on them. I love that they come in a set. They’re so cool!" —Barack Obama

    Price: $45.99+ (available with or without lampshades) 

    30. A stainless-steel rainfall shower head that'll turn your simple shower into a simply luxurious spa experience every time you turn the water on.,

    Promising review: "This is a beautiful shower head, very thin, but feels quite sturdy and heavy. Installation took no more than five minutes. The shower head has a very smooth, highly polished, mirror-like chrome finish. It gives a satisfying showering experience without wasting too much water. Absolutely no leaks whatsoever. Everybody in our family said they liked it. What else is there to say about a shower head?" —Sadda Reddy

    Price: $45.31+ (available in three sizes and two finishes)

    31. A cotton knit duvet cover sure to give your bedroom the relaxed, earthy vibe you've been envisioning in your boho-chic dreams.

    mattress on the floor covered in a soft pumpkin colored duvet

    And if you're looking for a great duvet to fill this cover, here's a hypoallergenic option that reviewers love! 

    Promising review: "I have been looking for a terracotta jersey knit duvet cover forever and took a chance with this one. The color is great, a dark terracotta/rust color. It’s soft, but if I had to be knit-picky it isn’t as soft as other jersey knit fabrics I have felt. Shipping was surprisingly fast and the size was perfect for my queen bed. Overall I am happy with my purchase." —Amazon Customer

    Price: $66.30+ (available in two sizes and 16 colors) 

    32. A cheery shower curtain that's gonna add some much needed color to your bare bathroom and make things look downright peachy!


    Promising review: "This is just like Urban Outfitters. It's exactly as pictured and described. Very cute!" —Shanice

    Price: $19.99

    33. A pair of hand hewn faux wood beams sure to massively upgrade the look of your home, without the time, money, or effort it'd take to redo your ceilings with solid wooden beams. I want bad.

    reviewer's dining room with the beams on the ceiling

    FYI, these lightweight three-sided beams are safe to install inside or outside. They won't warp or crack, and they have a medium oak finish. 

    Promising review: "These look SO real! Installation was easy and they look amazing. I ordered a set for a dining room project and liked it so much that a few months later I ordered it for my family room." —Carlos McCoy

    Price: $405.46

    34. A glass mushroom lamp that's itty bitty and oh-so pretty. Even if you don't have ~mushroom~ on your side tables, this tiny guy can fit right in!


    Promising review: "The quality is very nice and we are happy with this purchase. The lamp is a frosted white glass when off and then a warm yellow glow when it's turned on." —Tiffany CA

    Price: $48.89+ (available in seven colors)

    35. A natural wood roller toy that'll 100% double as decor, rather than an eye sore, when left on your floor. Grab this for your kitten and know that, in their eyes, *you* are the pick of the litter.

    Two cats playing with three-tiered circular toy with wooden balls rolling on each level

    This simple wooden toy is one of my all-time favorite purchases for my cats. I love it because it's accidentally become a real conversation piece. People honestly ask if it's a toy, because it looks so nice! My cats play with it all the time, and I leave it out 24/7 because it's so dang good looking. That's the truth. 

    Promising review: "It is really beautiful, I'd like it even if I didn't have a cat! LOL. There is a plastic double decker one like this but my Norwegian Forest cat can knock it over and destroy it. This one has multiple balls. It is solid wood, very durable, and very stable. I love this! If they ever make one even bigger I'd buy it in a heart beat. This size would even work for kittens." —Anna Aryeh

    Price: $28.99

    36. A pack of lightweight glue-on foam ceiling tiles for covering up popcorn ceilings or for giving your plain white walls a sensational new style.,

    Promising review: "If you’re even considering doing it JUST DO IT!! I can’t even begin to tell you how easy this was and the end result is mind blowing! When people come over (we’re remodeling our newly purchased home built in 1865) their jaws drop. We put this in the sunroom/eat in kitchen area. We love it so much we’ll be doing it in the bar area of the dining room. When you actually get them on the ceiling and look at your finished product, you’d never guess it’s styrofoam. Caulking between the tiles was crucial to giving its overall look. That was the most difficult part. My advice (from watching hours of YouTube videos and doing research) find the center of the ceiling and work your way out. It took us two hours to do a fairly large space. We definitely overestimated how many it would take but I’m glad we had extra on hand in the case we messed one up. Also — make sure your blade is SHARP!" —Steven

    Price: $169 (for a pack of 48; multiple pack sizes available)

    37. A cloud mirror — a useful decorative accent sure to give your place some character, whether placed on a bookshelf, vanity, or side table.

    Curvy, small mirror on wooden base

    Promising review: "This is so cute and practical. It can be used as a decoration or makeup mirror. The mirror is good quality." —Pattie S.

    Price: $9.99+ (available in two styles)

    38. A hanging eucalyptus so you can spruce up your space with just a smidgen of sprigs. Honestly, you won't beleaf what a difference this wall decor makes!


    I bought one of these after throwing it into dozens of posts throughout the year. I spent so much time reading rave reviews and giving it a shout out that I decided to go ahead and test it out myself. I am SO glad I did! I love decorating with greenery and this piece could not be more versatile or easy to work with. I highly recommend it.

    Promising review: "Wow! I've been looking for eucalyptus leaves for a while but haven't been able to find one with a branch and string like this. It matches perfectly with my room decor. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves plants. It's a beautiful product, a must-buy!" —Steven Johnson

    Price: $21.99+ (available in two styles)

    39. A floral scroll choice sure to delight viewers who loved Bridgerton so much they wanna live in it.

    Vintage stamp floral pattern in blue on khaki background

    Promising review: "First off, these are an amazing value. The price makes them especially attractive in that we require three pairs for our dining area. Second is the quality feel to these. They feel like linen and have a nice texture. The color is true to the ad, and they hang so nicely. A few wrinkles may or may not come out as they hang, but a steamer will take care of that easily. The grommets match our curtain rods, and they were easy to hang. Another plus is that they are machine washable. They do filter the light and that is what we were looking for. In summary, this is a very nice curtain at a great price and well worth it." —Doc

    Price: $29.99+ (available in three sizes and five colors)

    40. A pair of rainbow drip candles to display inside a vase, wine bottle, or candleholder. These colorful candles will brighten up your room even better than the flame you light 'em with!


    Promising review: "These have to be the coolest thing I have ever purchased. I have them in an empty wine bottle. I will be buying many more to cover the entire bottle in wax." —Bre

    Price: $5.95

    41. And finally, a naturally dried bouquet featuring neutral stems and leaves that'll go with your decor no matter what seasons and styles are coming our way.

    palm leaf bouquet with an assortment of pampas grass stems

    Promising review: "This exceeded my expectations. It's definitely a good value for the money. I love the colors and variety of stems — it looks beautiful!" —IS

    Price: $29.99

    When your friends ask where you've been getting all your great new home decor:


    Reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.