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    21 Cat Toys For Indoor Cats You Won't Be Able To Resist Surprising Your Kitty With

    These paw-some picks will have your cat questioning why they'd ever want to explore the outdoors.

    1. A tail-wagging toy for when your fur child is in a foxy mood. Once powered on, this toy will wag, shake, and hide spurring your cat to enter hunter mode (without actually hunting anything).

    Cat playing with fox tail toy

    2. A collection of Frisco Colorful Springs prepared to spring your cat into action. This pack of 10 comes with a variety of colors and bouncy springs that'll have your pet saying "cat-ch me if you can."

    Cat playing with multicolored spring toys

    3. A laptop cat scratching pad for the kitties that love to ~help~ you while you WFH. Instead of them jealously padding across your computer, they can relax at their own "work station" that comes with a scratch board and, of course, a mouse.

    Cat sitting in front of laptop-inspired scratchpad

    4. A cat food maze to prove your fluffy pals are truly the smartest pets out there. Each puzzle successfully completed will be met with a treat (and may earn you a snuggle or two).

    Reviewer image of three cats sitting next to cardboard maze toy

    5. A pack of tennis balls with a twist that even the laziest cat may pick their head up for. Bounce, throw, or roll this ball and they'll be met with the jingle of a bell.

    Cat playing with a blue, green, and purple tennis balls

    6. A cat exercise wheel for avoiding those loud late-night zooms through the house. The EVA foam surface will add some padded comfort as they run until they're tuckered out.

    Lifestyle image of spotted cat running on black circular wheel

    7. A mouse-shaped laser pointer your kitty will be pawing at you to play right meow. Just a click of a button will have them running around like a dog chasing its tail (but don't tell them that).

    8. A mix of felt catnip-infused balls that are purr-etyy addicting. Not only will your precious fur ball be able to bat and chase after these spheres, but when they're done playing, the tin will ~magically~ recharge them with catnip.

    Four tins that say "Happy Cat" filled with multi-colored felt balls

    9. A cat feather wand just too irresistible for your ferocious feline to ignore (as much as they may seemingly want to).

    10. A wine-bottle-shaped pillow with catnip so rather than hanging out with your ~human~ friends, you and your kitten can enjoy a quiet night in with your favorite bottles of wine instead.

    11. An adorable palm tree scratching post they'll go (coco)nuts over! The tree's padded trunk is ready for scratches and stretches, the fluffy leaves and hanging ball toy are ideal for playtime, and the optional hammock attachment is an ideal companion for nap-time. 

    reviewer photo of their black and white fluffy cat lying on the base of the palm tree scratching post
    reviewer photo of their cat lying on the hammock between two scratching posts

    Promising review: "This little palm tree scratcher makes my cats happy. It took them a bit to use it, as I think the palm fronds made them nervous, but they got over it and started using the scratching post. My cats are really hard on their toys, but this is holding up well. Easy to assemble and super cute!" –kat brown

    Get it from Amazon for $22.09+ (available in two sizes and in a bundle with a hammock attachment). 

    12. A circuit-like cat toy crafted with swirl-patterned balls to capture your feline's attention. The large openings will allow your pet to litter-ally poke and play all day long.

    Lifestyle image of two kittens playing with blue and white circuit toy

    13. A rainbow cat charmer for when your fluffy buddy is showing some real cat-titude. Twirl this in front of their face and watch as they begin to dance and chase after it.

    Reviewer image of orange cat snuggling with rainbow felt toy

    14. A gator scratch pad prepared to turn your soft kitty into a jungle cat. It's versatile enough to hang up or lay on the floor so they can scratch and claw this (instead or your favorite chair).

    15. An automatic cheese toy they won't have to be so claw-ful playing with. The electronic toy has an interactive mouse that will pop out and surprise your pet as it prepares to go on the prowl.

    Reviewer image of black cat playing with white cheese-shaped toy

    16. A flopping fish cat toy designed to look like a real carp. Turn your furry friend into a cat-hlete as it chases the moving fish around the house (for its entertainment and yours).

    Reviewer image of spotted cat holding fish toy

    17. A 2-in-1 cat bed ready to catch your kitten after they crash from a hard day of play. The hanging balls on each end of the tunnel add an interactive component, while the tunnel is an ideal spot for unexpected sneak attacks.

    Two kittens playing on a tan and green cat bed toy

    18. Or a collapsible cat tunnel if your kitties prefer to keep playtime and bed-time separate. It's equipped with three entrances, a peephole, and a hanging toy for your fur baby to run, jump, pounce, and hide.

    Promising review: " My cat loves to hunt so he uses it to hide in the tunnels and then jump out at us and try to scare us. Lol! He plays with it every day. He has his claws and there are no holes in the tunnel and we have had it for months. The only complaint is it weighs nothing so it’s always blowing around. Guess that’s just the life of a cat owner." –Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99+ (available in four colors and patterns). 

    19. An 8-in-1 cat toy made to go from a shell-shaped cat bed to a hamster-ball-like toy they can run around and hide in. The PV velvet and felt fabric are also anti-scratch proof for durability.

    Cat inside of and peeking out of the opening of the shell toy

    20. A refillable catnip squirrel they'll simply go nuts over. The plush toy comes with a tube of Pure Bliss organic catnip that you can use to calm your kitty and maybe even get a cuddle out of it.

    21. An interactive feather toy that automatically glides and spins across your floor to keep your kitty scurrying for hours on end. You can kick back and relax while they focus on the one and only thing that matters: attacking that darn feather. 

    Promising review: "Our cat loves this toy and he generally bores easily (recent outdoor-turned-indoor cat!), but he’s not bored with this one! We like that it’s not reliant on batteries and that it provides fun for timely intervals so he gets a break and doesn’t get bored! We like the interchangeable 'chasers' — though his favorite seems to be the feathers. Really good for getting your cat to move around!" —D. Thomas

    Get it from Amazon for $29.95.

    Their face when they see their new toy:

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