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    34 Incredibly Cool Gadgets You Probably Haven't Seen Before

    Don't know what a Thaw Claw is? Well, you won't know how to live without it after you find out.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A 3D effect essential oil diffusing LED light that's waterless and changes into seven different colors. This stellar little diffusing light is sure to smell like a statement-making sensation.

    2. A brilliant AeroGarden with a look so sleek, it'll definitely give your counter some serious ~herb~ appeal.

    A three-cup plant feeder filled with full grown herbs. It has a light attachment at the top.

    3. A beauty fridge – it's gonna keep your lotions and potions so comfortably cool you're gonna throw a ~cow~ when you go on vacation and can't enjoy the luxury of this little item.

    4. A digital touch-screen photo frame that'll be a ~picture~ perfect way to connect with your family and see what everyone is up to, without having to keep up on the family group chats.

    The frame plugged into the wall displaying a photo of a baby on its screen

    5. A floating globe for when your home decor needs a little lift.

    A circular light with a floating globe in the center of it. The globe floats with magnets and the lights on the inside and outside of the circle glow when plugged in.

    6. A collapsible water bottle you can roll up and stow away when you're focused on staying hydrated, but also focused on carrying a reasonably sized bag.

    7. A strawberry slicer that'll cut perfect strawberry slices in one step and make prepping your favorite fruit ~berry~ easy.

    The tool slicing a strawberry that has been placed in the center of the small grate. The handles on the opposite end push together to slice the strawberry in one motion.

    8. A custom night guard – it's gonna save your smile if trying to fall asleep after dealing with the daily grind has got you grinding your teeth every night.

    The box packaging with instructions, molds, and ingredients to make the teeth guards

    9. A neck hammock you can attach to your door to give your neck the solid stretch it deserves/needs. Perk up your posture and get rid of neck and shoulder pain while you're at it!

    10. A light saber umbrella that changes colors, allowing you to decide if you're leaning toward the light or feel forced to choose the dark side on a cloudy day.

    A lifestyle image of a person walking on a rainy street with the pole of their black umbrella shining blue

    11. A flameless plasma arc lighter with an extended handle that's sure to make lighting candles, grills, and fireplaces far easier. This really is the perfect ~match~ for anyone who always needs a little light.

    A person lighting several tall candles with the plasma arch

    12. A sleek LED alarm clock that, bless its heart, gives and gives. It has BlueTooth speakers, a USB port, a light dimmer, and it'll even charge your phone wirelessly on its grippy charging deck.

    COBY Digital LED alarm clock

    13. A splurge-worthy impulse pick, the Samsung Frame, that's sure to revolutionize our binge-watching world – a hidden TV this beautiful deserves to be stared at all day.

    The television hung up in a dining room, displaying abstract art to blend in with the framed art pieces beside it

    14. A pair of bluetooth glasses which might not be the most practical gadget under the sun, but are sure gonna look stellar under the moon.

    15. A car headrest pillow to save your neck from the awkward nap angles you usually end up in during long road trips. Don't let neck pain put a kink in your future travel plans!

    A person sleeping in the car with two headrest bumpers on either side of their head

    16. Or an inflatable couch for anyone who is eqaul parts outdoor adventurer *and* sleepy couch potato.

    17. A brown sugar keeper – a practical kitchen gadget that'll keep brown sugar soft, making everything you bake seem especially sweet.

    A clear storage container filled with brown sugar. The airtight lid is open to show the brown sugar keeper placed at the top.

    18. A pack of four self-closing outlets to make your baby-proofed place look way less baby-proofed, even though they're extra safe!

    A white wall outlet with slide covers

    19. A seat filler, because you've had too many disasters strike at the need something that's sure to save future french fries from certain doom.

    A shot of the packaging and a picture of the seat gap filler placed in a car. It has a hole for the seat belt buckle.

    20. A hideaway plunger that'll help you hide the grossest part of necessary bathroom tools and pretend it doesn't exist, until you really need it.

    A white plunger going into an enclosed white holder

    21. A fabric defuzzer sure to clean up sweaters, sofas, and other aging fabrics that have been a real ~pill~ lately.

    A reviewer's before-and-after image of the side of their sofa. The armrest was scratched with fabric pulled and after using the defuzzer it looks brand new.

    22. A relaxing and efficient scalp massager – it's gonna be a massive upgrade from your typical shower for your scalp, hair, and mental health.

    A model using the massaging tool on their scalp while washing their hair

    23. And an overflow cap to help you soak in a bath that's filled to the brim.

    A large piece of plastic covering the overflow nozzle in the bathtub, letting the bath fill higher

    24. A magnetic blind cord holder you can place nice and high to keep window cords out of your children and fur babies.

    A child stretching up to reach the blind cord by the window without being able to reach it because the cord is wrapped around the round holder

    25. A pack of corner guards to make sharp surfaces safe while still letting your style stay sharp.

    26. A pair of color-changing LED faucet lights that are gonna light up your life every time you turn on your water.

    A faucet in three different shots, glowing a different color in each image

    27. A Wallet Ninja to open boxes, peel fruit, screw in basically anything, and get the job done without a toolbox in sight.

    A person using the credit-card sized multi-tool to open a glass bottle cap

    28. A gentle gel and light teeth whitening system for anyone who wants shiny, white teeth without the sensitivity. Sounds like a ~bright~ idea to me!

    29. A gentle critter catcher to use if you prefer to catch and release helpful arachnids and other (kinda cute) creepy crawlies.

    A person catching a spider by using the arm's length tool. It has soft bristles to capture insects without hurting them.

    30. A Thaw Claw so you can thaw your frozen foods in far less time and save the day when you don't remember to unthaw your chicken until after your hungry stomach starts rumbling.

    31. A pair of herb scissors that'll ~cut~ your meal prep time in half.

    32. A clip-on bag light, so you won't have to waste away the day searching through the black pit that is your backpack.

    A small round light clipped onto the inside of a bag

    33. A USB cord bracelet great for vacations or for anyone who seems to need a charge at a moment's notice.

    34. And finally, a runaway alarm clock that'll play music and run around the bedroom until you wake up and grab it – this thing will have you up and ~on a roll~ in no time!

    The very real problem I face after getting all these rad gadgets and gizmos:

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