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    26 Home Products You Can Probably Afford Even If Your Rent Is More Than A Mortgage

    Suburbia looks better and better every time I pay my rent.

    1. A canopy bed frame to upgrade the mattress you have on the floor and make your studio apartment look like a sensationally chic hotel. Honestly that isn't too much of a stretch, considering your place has the same square feet as the last motel room you stayed in.

    2. A faux fur accent piece that'll instantly enhance your living space with absolutely zero effort on your part. Throw it on your floor, a chair, your dirty laundry pile... BAM! Beautiful.

    3. A cheery shower curtain – it's gonna make your bathroom look simply ~peachy~ despite the grimy '70s tiles creeping up the walls.

    4. A mini skillet so you can make a single-serving dish without having to clean out a massive pan. Your hot plate isn't large enough to hold a regular pan anyway. And your apartment isn't large enough for anything other than a hot plate.

    5. A fabric dresser with five drawers and a steel frame (or a four drawer option in a similar style) that'll useful storage in your place *and* rather easy to pack up when you finally decide your rent isn't worth it.

    6. A bread box so you can make your minuscule kitchen look organized and lovely without spending a ton of dough.

    7. A quilted chenille floor pillow for anyone who needs seating in an apartment so small, "chair" is a word that needs a little wiggle room... because your apartment has none at all.

    8. A moon phase garland — sure, your friends are gonna be extremely jealous of your delicate home decor and thrifty spending skills. Don't let it ~phase~ you tho.

    9. A planter bowl which, despite it's small footprint and price, is sure to make a massive statement in your place.

    10. An inexpensive reversible duvet set with a classic chevron side that perfectly complements the modern floral pattern opposite it, for anyone who loves flowers as much as they love a good grayscale.

    11. A tufted sofa in a warm stone gray to give you a soft place to land after the double shift you accepted when you found out your rent is, once again, being raised.

    12. A faux eucalyptus wreath — this works with every season so you can keep your front door looking festive and friendly without spending extra money on multiple holiday-specific pieces.

    13. A natural wood end table — you ~wood~ be totally sad to miss out on a unique statement piece this striking. Better just go ahead and get it.

    14. A medallion area rug with subtle coloring and pattern that packs just enough punch to compliment every piece of furniture your older siblings pass on to you.

    15. A bold bar cart that'll look ~wheely~ cool in your place, even if it's momentarily the only furniture you actually have in it.

    16. A minimalist trash bin (at a minimalist price) so lovely, you might have a hard time actually throwing trash in it. But you should anyway, the one-touch lid system is fab.

    17. A storage rack mirror that'll open up your spendy living space while being a useful spot to hang blankets, scarves, and even coats.

    18. An Instant Pot you can basically replace your entire kitchen with — a solution that'd be super useful, considering most of the appliances have stopped working in your kitchen.

    19. A neon light is sure to be a ~bright~ idea in any dark or dreary, overpriced apartment.

    20. A whimsical accent rug that'll help your living room look like the inside of a romcom heroine's oversized and all-too-perfect apartment. Sure, you're dipping into your grocery budget to pay for the place but you want cereal for every meal anyway.

    21. A velvet throw pillow is gonna add a soft touch to the apartment you have hard time affording.

    22. A wall mount organizer so you can keep your important things close even if you're stuck on a top bunk with no storage and *still* somehow paying $1000 a month.

    23. A low coffee table that'll bring organization and zen into your living space. Does having an inexpensive, functional-yet-minimalist piece spark joy? Uhh... yes. All of it.

    24. A tassel tablecloth – it'll look elegant and lovely on your ancient kitchen table *and* hide the fact that the wood is completely destroyed underneath. It has four legs and a top... you're not spending money on a new one!

    25. A set of three wire frame box shelves are sure to make your ordinary trinket displays look picture-perfect.

    26. And finally, a lovely flip down hanger so you can hang up your jacket and bags at the end of the day and get comfortable in the overpriced place you really do love living in.

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