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    37 Products From Small Businesses That Are Genuinely So Clever

    These small business owners sell useful, cheerful, and clever products you didn't know you've been waiting for.

    1. A keychain bracelet for those of us who suffer through playing an eternal game of hide-and-seek with our house/car keys. This clever bracelet can help you find them with a simple flick of the wrist! Bless.

    2. A TikTok-famous pick 'n' peel stone — a reviewer-favorite anxiety activity that may also help redirect your nervous habits, like picking at your skin or nails. This soothing alternative is sure to ~rock~ your world.

    A model using a tiny hook to pick blue paint out of a lava rock with tiny holes

    3. A sensory swing that'll help your children develop their motor and balance skills *while* having fun horsing around. The swing is designed with an extra spring, making it swing back and forth and up and down! I...want one.

    4. A pack of dresser labels to help your kids keep their clothes organized after *you've* spent the day washing them.

    Dresser with written stickers on each drawer that say "sweatshirts" "tops" "outerwear" and more

    5. A fidget ring that'll keep you moving (if only slightly) when you're stuck sitting still and need something to simply distract you. If you, like me, find yourself tapping your leg every time you sit down — this'll be an accessory worth investing in!

    simple gold band with seven small round rings around it

    6. A pack of migraine relief shower steamers formulated with rosemary, basil, and peppermint essential oils. They even have menthol! The next time a migraine hits, you're gonna be glad relief is a simple shower away.

    Four wrapped shower steamers and two unwrapped white square ones

    7. A silicone placemat — a Montessori table setting to guide your kiddo as they set up utensils before dinner. Involve them in dinner prep and watch them eat more than ever before!

    8. An adorable bookmark book tracker to remind you of all the great places you've been while you stayed put in your favorite reading chair. If you're challenging yourself to read a certain number of books each year, this is such a fun way to keep track of your pace!

    The book tracker, which looks like a blank book shelf and you can fill in the names of the books on the spine as you finish them

    9. An Icelandic wool nesting pad that'll protect your furniture from your pet's paws while looking like a piece of human-grade decor.

    Dog on mid century modern chair with furry pad on top of it

    10. A leather key organizer sure to keep your keys tucked away safe, preventing them from scratching your cellphone's screen when you toss them together in the bottom of your bag.

    11. A personalized candle to not-so-subtly light whenever your partner starts smelling rather pungent.

    Candle that says "Light when Michael farts"

    12. A splurge-worthy mushroom and monster tissue holder — extra-cute decor options that can come in handy when your allergies act up and you basically need tissues in every room of the house.

    13. A hand-painted ring customized to look like your sweetheart's eye — ~eye~ can't imagine a ring more funky and fun!

    back of person's head with their hands holding their hair. every finger has a different vintage ring with a portrait of an eye.

    14. A floating bedside table that'll keep everything you need beside you, even if your place is so small you don't have the luxury of putting a side table by your bed.

    15. A DIY kimchi kit for making probiotic-rich kimchi at home. This step-by-step kit is a great way to give you confidence in the kitchen and, after your first batch, the tools are there for you every time you get a hankering for some delectable sour cabbage.

    Full jar of DIY kimchee

    16. A pack of five tea bags you can treat yourself to when a calm night with a book and a cup of tea sounds like your perfect night. Honestly, I've always felt this way. I was born 42. And proud of it.

    17. A market cart made of recycled canvas and bamboo to snag when you finally accept that a "granny cart" is genuinely smart. Get one this good lookin' and you won't have to avoid eye contact with the sorry shoppers who are still carrying their bags all the way back to their apartments.

    Canvas bag with nautical rope closure. It is attached to a wooden cart frame with white rubber wheels on the back.

    18. A cactus planter so you can not so subtly let your partner know you think their cat is a prick.

    19. A leave-in conditioner for dogs made with coconut water and rose oil. This spiffy mix is gonna soften your pup's fur, reduce irritation and dryness, and have them smelling sweet! Plus, there's no need to rinse! Everybody wins.

    Jar of MuttCosmetics Bloom Pup Oil

    20. A box of airplane activity chips for keeping your child engaged if you're flying home for the holidays. LOL at whichever director thought snakes on a plane was scarier than traveling with a toddler.

    21. A giant clothespin towel holder — a cute and clever way to make sure your family members actually hang up their towels after using them. Your bathroom floor won't know what to do without soggy towels all around!

    two giant clothespins on a wall and holding towels

    22. A titanium utility ring with files, saws, screws, pliers, and more. Give this to your S.O. and you — much like this piece — are gonna be wrapped around their little (ring) finger.

    23. A genius T-shirt roll holder that'll keep all your shirts neat and easily accessible. If folding is your kryptonite and digging through your shirt drawer is your biggest pet peeve, this nifty hanger is about to save you from yourself.