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45 Home Products That'll Make Excellent Gifts

These mustache outlet decals just might put Santa to shame.

Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!)

1. A wood hanging butterfly poster for clutter core maximalists who are ~bugged~ by bland walls.

Poster with vintage butterfly illustrations

2. A wild fig and cassis candle set in a *gorg* reusable copper cup that'll be worth keeping forever and ever. What's that delicious aroma? Why, it's the scent of up-cycled gifting success!

Engraved copper cup with soy wax candle

3. A clothing history and modern manicure decorative pillow – bold decor your fashion-savvy friend is sure to love having center stage on their sofa.

4. A natural wood end table – you ~wood~ be totally sad to miss out on giving your loved one a unique statement piece this striking. Better just go ahead and get it.

Small natural wood slab with rough edges and hairpin legs in black

5. A crystal sun catcher – it's gonna light up their life, even when they're stuck inside.

6. A pair of heirloom Harry Potter bookends so they can hold up their beloved novels with decor that's really magic.

9 3/4 bookends with half of Harry's trolly on one side and Harry pushing through the wall on the other

7. A mod-meet-boho alarm clock made with a marbled top and rough Himalayan salt base for showing your friends that, because of you, their home decor *rocks*.

8. A magnetic lamp with "floating" orbs – unique decor that'll have their minimalist heart all a-flutter.

Oval light rings with center base and two magnetic balls attached to strings on top and bottom of light

9. A quality wood cutting board made with naturally antibacterial camphor wood that is sure to look lovely on display in their place.

Natural wood cutting board with chopped limes on top

10. A striking piece of abstract art on canvas that's gonna make your friends finally have to *face* the truth...you're better at gift-giving than everyone.

Painted face with textured drips, strips of paper, and color blocked base. Eyes are covered with textured pieces of paper.

11. A Dwight Schrute shot glass here to make your marathons of The Office with your favorite person (after Michael Scott) even more hilarious. Go ahead, drink it all in.

12. A porcelain diffuser – a "gift" for your shared apartment. Or more specifically, for those times when you wolf down a bean and cheese burrito and need to cleanse the scent of *yourself* out of the room before your partner gets back.

Dark ceramic diffuser with tapered end. About the size of a standard vase.

13. A mini succulent subscription that'll be loved by anyone who wants to grow their plant family.

14. And an AeroGarden if they wanna start their own apartment farm but only have a smidgen of counter space to spare.

AeroGarden filled with full grown herbs

15. A complete embroidery kit that's gonna be ~sew~ fun to give crafty family members who would love creating their own decor.

Three embroidery hoops, each with a different clothes-wearing animal and embroidered floral frames

16. A pack of 24 outlet decals so funny they'll certainly wonder aloud, "I ~mustache~ you, when did you become a gift-giving genius?"

17. A multi-use candle with jasmine, bergamot, and pink peppercorn – they can use the wax from the candle as a personal scent, moisturizing oil, and massage oil. A spa day is on the way!

Pink candle

18. Or a pair of rainbow drip candles that'll fit inside a vase, wine bottle, or candle holder. These colorful candles will brighten up their room even better than the flame they light 'em with!

19. A forest green pet sofa sure to look doggone delightful in their living room!

Dog sitting on mid-century modern sofa

20. A rainbow utensil set to give the most colorful person you know.

Multi-colored utensils in black box

21. A storage bean bag – a gift your kid will think adds some fun furniture to their room, when secretly it's a gift for *you*...this will give you the clean room you've always dreamed of your kid having.

22. A chic area rug that'll make a big difference in your BF's bare apartment — each little piece really does add up!

White textured rug with tassels on edges and black plus sign pattern throughout

23. A Tuft & Needle pillow designed to be cool, breathable, soft, and supportive at times when they'll need it most.

A lifestyle shot of the pillows splayed across an unmade bed

24. A feminist icon candle for anyone who prays (and votes!) to get more female leadership in this life.

25. A storage box that's sure to be a hit with your favorite makeup artist – their bathroom junk drawer will thank you.

Rectangular glass box with ornate legs and edges in victorian style with faux pearls on inside of box, holding up makeup brushes

26. A mod art print to add some glam to your sibling's brutally bland rental.

Woman with several clips in hair, earrings that say "hustle" on a Dalmatian print background with rainbow and dollar signs framing her face

27. A limited edition glazed stoneware serving tray handcrafted for the newly discovered home chef in your life. Sourdough bread was just the start!

Ombre oval trays with slightly raised edge in blues and oranges

28. A pack of absurdly pretty toilet paper – a practical gift that'll be equal parts *cheeky* and useful.

Several stacked toilet paper rolls wrapped in different bold patterns of tissue paper

29. Or a bidet, another practical gift sure to make them laugh out loud and *also* wonder how they were living without this.

30. An entryway mirror that'll do wonders on their walls. The minute they see how much elegance this adds, they'll vow to keep it around forever.

31. A cactus planter so you can not-so-subtly let your girlfriend know you think their cat is a prick.

Ceramic cat planter with cactus for tail

32. A stunning illustrated copy of Maya Angelou's I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, because we could all use some of her poetic wisdom right now.

33. A tassel tablecloth that's sure to look elegant and lovely on the ancient kitchen table your S.O. can't seem to part with.

Two tone gray tablecloth with embroidered details down center and tassels on edges

34. A hanging macrame cat bed, because you know their kitto deserves some bold boho furniture just as much as they do.

35. A Greek goddess candle – a perfect piece of decor for anyone whose classically kooky vibe is set in stone.

Candle in the shape of headless, armless stone statue

36. A Mars dust globe – a futuristic piece of home decor to give people who think traditional snow globes are soo old school.

37. A sassy welcome mat that'll satisfy their not-so-social soul.

Welcome mat that says "Welcome Just kidding. Please, go home."

38. A neon light – a ~bright~ idea for anyone on your gifting list.

Neon light shaped to say Love

39. A personalized letter blanket that'll totally be the ~write~ gift for the sentimental soul you love.

Tasseled throw blanket designed to look like a piece of paper, with handwritten letter on front

40. An air plant frame they're gonna ~plant~ on their wall and never remove.

Wood frame with wire grid holding different air plants

41. A moon phase garland – an elegant piece of decor for your astrologically-minded love's life. A gift this thoughtful totally proves you're a Pisces.

Gold garland with full moon phase charms

42. A cozy faux fur weighted blanket – finding a gift this great is sure to be a huge weight off your shoulders.

Person wrapped up in blanket

43. A freaky cat candle – it's gonna look so cool when they melt it, you're both gonna wish it had nine lives.

44. Bespoke Post's Suit box with Grown Alchemist soap and lotion, two plush hand towels, a bathroom tray, and Palo Santos sticks. Grab this hotel-worthy set and they just might feel like they actually *did* get to go on your cancelled friend-cation this year.

Products in lifestyle shot

45. And finally, a hand-painted decor box that was clearly made for your funny best friend – no ifs, ands, or ~butts~ about it.

Rectangular wood box on toilet tank holding roll of toilet paper, plant, and bottle with the words "nice butt" painted on the front

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