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    38 Sex Toys And Accessories So Beautiful They Deserve To Be Decor

    Go ahead and leave these on your bookshelf – they'll definitely ~vibe~ with the rest of your decor.

    1. An ACTUAL *advent calendar* you can put out on display while counting down the days until Christmas cums.

    2. A subtle and lovely massage candle that'll easily double as decor in your one will even get a ~whiff~ of what this candle is really used for!

    reviewer's candle in black. the candle is lit and the shape has a small knotch for pouring the hot wax.

    3. An intergalactic glass dildo you can heat up or cool off under water, allowing you to test out some experimental temperature play with a toy that's out-of-this-world lovely.

    4. A 72-pack of flavored condoms for bold folks who are happy to leave cute condoms out in a candy dish. Delicious.

    several condom wrappers with graphics of the different flavors on the wrappers

    5. A palm-sized piece of pleasure so subtly designed you can practically (or, you know, literally) leave it on your dresser for some quick access. No roommate would be the wiser!

    Teardrop shaped toy that fits in the palm of the model's hand

    6. A 7-inch rose quartz massage wand — a crystal clear way to make every day something special.

    Long and smooth crystal dildo

    7. A statement ring with three vibrating speeds and two customizable modes, likely making this bold beauty the first piece of jewelry you'll ever own that loves on *you* as much as you love *it*.

    8. A stainless-steel bullet vibrator with four vibration modes that can also be worn as a necklace...and goes perfectly with that plunging V-neck sweater sitting in your closet. Your jewelry display is about to look even better.

    Model wearing vibrator pendant necklace

    9. The Tennis Coach, a stylized vibe you're sure to have a ~ball~ playing with *and* enjoy proudly displaying on your vanity like all the tennis trophies you never actually earned in high school.

    Bright yellow dildo with tennis ball inspired head

    10. A sneaky lipstick vibe that's gonna camouflage itself with all the odds and ends in your trinket dish. Buy this beauty and you're gonna have a satisfying sex life even if you and your lame ex don't kiss and ~makeup.~

    11. A witchy crystal wand for guaranteeing you have a *magical* night, even when your D&D party isn't for another week.

    Clear glass dildo with moon detail on top

    12. A silky WaterSlyde sure to offer up some good, clean fun when you know the only thing that could make your relaxing bath better is the chance to get even more wet.

    A bubble bath with water running down the waterfall spout

    13. A set of Tenga eggs, textured single-use masturbation sleeves that'll be some rather egg-cellent adult Easter decor, if you ask me.

    14. A beginner-friendly compact vibe in a smooth surf-inspired design that's gonna give you ~waves~ of pleasure, whether you prefer internal or external attention.

    Orange vibe with smiley face printed on end

    15. A sexy candle you can keep in the bedroom and light when you want your S.O. to know things are about to get HOT.

    reviewer holding the amber candle in their hand. the label says late night sex.

    16. The BuzzFeed x Bellesa AirVibe, a true fusion of sex toy favorites, is gonna take your body on a RIDE. It combines Bellesa's best-in-class G-spot vibrator technology with their Cinetic SuctionTM 2.0 technology. Thanks, Science.

    airvibe styled in a shell dish

    17. A set of six hot stones for adding some relaxing heat play to your foreplay massage routine. These stones are the gorgeous, minimalist decor you didn't know your sex life needed.

    six round, flat stones

    18. The Poly Pack by Cute Little Fuckers featuring the Trinity, Starsi, and Princette vibrators. If you prefer some kooky cute accessories around your house, you won't find anything better than these buzz-worthy buds!

    19. A textured vinyl paddle with a beautiful design and a leather hanging strap that'll makes it particularly simple to hang up on your wall. As! You! Should!

    20. A pair of rose quartz Kegel balls are gonna strengthen your pelvic floor, creating stronger sensations during sex. It's gonna ~rock~ adding these to your growing crystal collection.

    small black satchel holding two round crystal balls

    21. A rainbow version of the Ohnut stackable ring — these'll help prevent pain from penetrative sex by creating a nice lil' buffer that'll be enjoyed by both you and your partner.

    22. A massage wand designed in a cute periwinkle and sure to make your body tingle.

    Toy being held and run under faucet

    23. A remote-controlled vibrating egg with six vibration modes and five speeds for powerful dual stimulation. Get this mystical little critter into your toy collection stat!

    Pink charging case with pink egg-shaped vibrator

    24. An ergonomic Kip lipstick vibrator by Dame designed with waterproof silicone and five powerful speeds, so you can enjoy pinpointed clitoral stimulation from a toy so sleek it can – and should – be out on display.

    Model holding yellow and lavender bullet vibrators

    25. A rose-shaped sucking vibe designed with seven vibrating and suction intensities that'll make this thing your best ~bud~ in bed.

    Red rose-shaped suction vibrator

    26. A Halo cock ring that boasts seven vibrating settings that can be shared between you and your S.O. whenever you want the sex to be so good it feels positively heavenly.

    Model holding black cock ring

    27. A panty vibrator you can keep on your person all day. Honestly, this under-the-sea themed toy can get you so wet it's well worth ~shelling~ out the money for.

    Shell shaped toy with remote and graphic of where to place it in underwear

    28. A cute, curved couples' vibe for making sure you and your partner are ~vibing~ at the same time.

    U-shaped vibe beside candy hearts

    29. A bright suction vibrator that was designed by Lily Allen, so you KNOW it's gonna be worth showing off! This has six powerful intensity levels and you know what? It makes me smile.

    30. A pair of satin blindfolds for making sure you don't peek...because not knowing what ~cums~ next is a ton of fun.

    The black and red Satin Blindfold Mask

    31. A stainless-steel wand by Le Wand with a sleek, elegant look that'll deserve to be on your mantel as much as it deserves to be in ya body!

    Stainless steel wand

    32. A rather lovely clear, hollow plug sure to encourage keeping you open (literally) to tons of possibilities — there's plenty of room to insert fingers or other toys through it.

    The large clear plug

    33. A wearable vibrator that's gonna increases the vibration intensity based on the pressure of your squeeze. These toys are so chic I am SWEATING just looking at them!

    34. A sleek clit stimulator with a pulsing sucking sensation and light vibrations. This Love Triangle is a lovely toy that's sure to be the right angle in your self love life.

    triangle shaped toy in black and rose gold

    35. A glass dildo by Unbound that can twist and turn with your body when you're trying out some temperature play. This thing is so pretty I'm concerned it'd be an actual CRIME to not give it the best spot on your bookshelf.

    36. A small metal butt plug butt-novice reviewers are all heart-eyes over because it makes introductory anal play much more accessible. AND this treasure is temperature-sensitive, so be sure to enjoy a ~chill~ evening every now and again!

    The silver butt plug with red stone detail

    37. An ice cream cone vibrator with 10 vibration modes and a waterproof silicone design that'll be just your taste. Sweet.

    38. And finally, Shibari rope made of 100% natural jute and enhanced with aroma oils for folks who love the fiber art decor trend...for more than one reason.

    Shibari rope bundles in assorted colors

    Me, decorating my place for the holidays with a collection of glow in the dark dildos: