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    Bellesa And BuzzFeed Just Released A Sex Toy And People, It's Worth The Buzz

    Here's a quiz worth taking: Which BuzzFeed AirVibe Position Gets You Going?

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    Your G-spot is about to be all, "Gee, thanks BuzzFeed," because we've teamed up with Bellesa to bring your body the AirVibe – a tantalizing sex toy your body is gonna be bragging about.


    Honestly, this toy is even better than I could have hoped. That's me being sincere.

    The AirVibe is a true fusion of sex toy favorites, combining Bellesa's best-in-class G-spot vibrator technology and their Cinetic SuctionTM 2.0 technology – all for $59. Good job, science.

    U-shaped toy in red silicone with gold plate. One end is a bulbous penetrative end and the other a suction tip.

    There are TEN vibration modes and five suuuper satisfying suction settings. Say that five times fast. And then slow. And then fast again.

    Despite being quiet as can be, this toy has all the bells and whistles! It's USB rechargeable, beginner-friendly, waterproof, aaaand it uses dual stimulation to give your best bits pleasure like you've never felt before.

    Illustrated chart describing abilities listed above

    Your old vibe could never.

    See that sexy, flexible bend? It's designed for a customizable curve, making this comfy for every body. The soft silicone penetrates smoothly and wraps around snug to hit your G-spot juuuust right, while the outer suction will pulse and massage your clit to your heart's content. Hot.


    I'm worried I find this *too* seductive.

    It even comes with a *cutie* clamshell case, transforming it into a classic makeup palette you can toss in your purse or backpack and bring with you wherever ya go!

    Vibe inside small round carrying case

    Would I buy this purely based on that heckin' cute case? Maybe.

    And even thought this babe is brand-spankin' new, it's already getting rave reviews.

    Screenshot from Bellesa's site showing 4.96 out of five stars

    "My mind is blown. This toy is an orgasm machine and it only costs $59, compared to all the expensive stuff out there. Literally, this is a piece of pure pleasure genius." –Mona

    "I love the design. It is bendable, yet it stays in place. Many companies/products do not take into consideration that peoples bodies are DIFFERENT, some people have clitorises that are higher up or lower down. This toy is just perfect for my body, and I imagine it would be for most people's because it is adjustable." —Nicole

    "This is quiet, compact, and cute. Not to mention, it made me O in under four minutes. Amazing product Buzzfeed and Bellessa!" —Julia

    This Bellesa and BuzzFeed beaut is available for $59. Get it in your life. And IN YOUR BODY.

    Person holding toy with their fingertips

    Like reading the fine print? Here it is: Get the BuzzFeed AirVibe from Bellesa for $59 to-d-ay.

    You, letting your old toys off easy after discovering this sweet sucker:


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