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    31 Products From Places That'll Likely Make You Say, "Bye, Amazon"

    Turns out, there are places to shop other than Amazon. Who would have thought...

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A complete kimbap kit with delicious, fresh ingredients you can't always find with ease (we're talkin' seasoned burdock, pickled radish, Kokuho rose pink rice...the WORKS). Once this online delivery is in your life you'll actually be able to make the family recipes you've been craving since the day you left for college.

    shredded ingredients beside completed kimbap rolls

    2. An adjustable wobble stool you can replace your office chair or yoga ball with. You can rock around while sitting or adjust it to a near-standing angle — keeping you active and focused while you work.

    3. An Everlasting Candle made with a handblown glass vase and champagne "candle sticks." This gorgeous decor is gonna give you a clean-burning option while still letting you enjoy the cozy fall and winter ambiance you crave.

    glass orb with small opening at the top. there is clear oil in the bottom and three gold sticks with flames at the top.

    4. A modernist convertible crib made with kiln-dried poplar and pine wood for parents who plan on keeping their children's furniture around juuust about as long as they keep their kids. Bonus: Having a high-quality convertible crib might make the switch to a "big-kid bed" that much easier.

    5. Glossier's water-gel SPF 35 — a daily formula that's hypoallergenic, cruelty free, vegan, and works great under makeup. Is your skin about to be the envy of all your sunburnt besties? Why yes, yes it is.

    A model with dark skin rubbing the clear sunscreen onto their cheek with no visible residue

    6. A pack of five airtight silicone lids in different sizes that'll securely store leftovers without waisting a bunch of plastic wrap *or* wasting a bunch of time trying to find a perfectly sized container and lid.

    7. An indoor/outdoor daybed cushion for weekends when you plan on relaxing so hard you won't even be exerting the effort to sit up. Good on ya!

    tufted cushion with handles to carry it and ruffled edges

    8. A festive cat or dog goody box with carefully curated treats and one-of-a-kind toys your pets are paw-sitively gonna adore!

    9. And a Guinea pig fire truck costume for anyone who is as THRILLED as I am that a Guinea pig firetruck costume exists. Pro tip: It may help to already own a Guinea pig.

    pet guinea pig wearing a firefighter hat and a firetruck cover

    10. A Oui the People single-blade razor to give you the closest shave of your little life, razor burn free! Grab this *beautiful* reusable gadget and kiss those ingrown hairs goodbye!

    Model using the rose gold-colored razor on their armpit

    11. An exfoliating scrub with a sugar and salicylic acid blend that's formulated for oily scalps. This provides a deep and fresh-feeling clean that balances buildup, helping prevent stringiness.

    12. A patio sectional with a spiffy L shape that's gonna keep you comfortable when you plan on reading in your yard allll day long. Sigh, has there ever been a brand as pretty as Opalhouse? I swear the heart-eyes emoji was made just for them.

    natural rattan L-shaped sofa with beige cushions beside matching table, placed in front of a pool

    13. Or a three-piece rocking patio set for cozy nights when the only thing you and your boo have planned is enjoying a drink and chatting on the porch.

    two cushioned rocking chairs with rounded bamboo bases and a matching side table

    14. A bouquet of handmade felt flowers you can keep out *forever* without ever having to see them wilt away. Felt flowers stay fresh — that's a fact.

    15. An Always Pan designed with a slippery nonstick surface, a vented top, a steaming basket, and a wooden spoon that hooks onto the handle. Owning kitchen tools that are both beautiful and functional? That'll make EVERY day (and every meal) great.

    pan in olive green on a countertop. the lid is on and the wooden spoon is in place.

    16. An unnecessarily lovely bottle of Jot coffee concentrate sure to be a fun addition to any coffee fan's growing bean-and-brew collection. Take it from me, this stuff tastes amazing. It's sure to feel like a luxurious gift to your gullet.

    17. A sandalwood candle that'll help you breathe easy if city life is bogging you down and you wish you could be out in nature 24/7.

    Person holding amber glass candle in their hands

    18. A box of white-chocolate espresso cookies you can really and truly have for dinner. You can! Being an adult is pretty ~sweet~ at times.

    19. A machine-washable hiking blanket that's lightweight and incredibly cozy, for anyone who specifically tells ghost stories around the firepit with goals to snuggle in the safety of their sweetheart's arms. Ugh, that's very cute of you.

    A puffy blanket with a multicolored image of Yellowstone hot springs

    20. A collection of three corrosion-resistant knives from Material Kitchen that are RAZOR. SHARP. One look at these knives and your tomatoes are sure to be quaking in their boots. Heirloom salad, anyone?

    21. A silk jumpsuit that'll add a luxurious, artistic touch to your everyday look. Slow fashion should be everyone's passion, ESPECIALLY when the pieces have pockets.

    model in a drapey, sleeveless, v-neck jumpsuit

    22. A jar of toothpaste tablets that use less water to make and come in a glass jar instead of nonrecyclable tubes for any Earth-conscious folks who would prefer cleaning their teeth with something that's cleaner for the environment.

    23. A BlackLit Cratejoy subscription to give avid readers the chance to constantly enjoy new novels by Black authors.

    An example of the books and products received in each monthly box

    24. A "till death do us part" ring with a rutilated quartz stone and gunmetal plating – a designer piece that'll delight romantics who want a ring that tells it like it is.

    25. A genius tofu press so you can efficiently drain tofu to get the perfect texture and taste, mess not included.

    Tofu being pressed inside plastic container

    26. A monochrome or moon print from Valfre for homes with a cheeky style and GREAT taste.

    27. A floating shelf, made with responsibly sourced mango wood, sure to make your DIY kitchen upgrade look DELICIOUS.

    two floating shelves in a kitchen in different sizes

    28. A floppy Madewell tote that'll take your beloved, grungy aesthetic and turn it on its head. Go ahead and start aging gracefully while keeping your slouchy-chic style.

    29. A custom dog nose necklace — as everybody who has a dog ~nose~ how sweet their little snouts are! Keep this precious piece around your neck so you can have a bit of your best bud with you 24/7.

    silver necklace on a chain with a 3D dog nose and the dog's name on the other side

    30. A secret image puzzle so stinkin' clever, I wish I'd come up with it myself! Whether you're looking for something to entertain your family now that the holidays are approaching or simply love solving puzzles yourself...this cool option is officially a need.

    31. And, finally, a Chicken Daddies calendar for farm-lovin' folks who aren't too ~chicken~ to stray away from Amazon for some laugh-out-loud funny decor.

    When you finally break away from impulse purchasing on Amazon: