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23 Gifts For Your Significant Other That Only Look Expensive

For the fanciest person you fancy. The products in this post were updated in January 2018.

1. A jar of luxurious whipped body butter that's shaped into gorgeous flower petals.

A little goes a long way, so the jar will last quite a long time!

Get it from Tailored Soap on Etsy for $19.99. Available in nine colors and scents.

2. Several pounds of fancy gummy bears that taste like you're taking a sip of bubbly prosecco.

3. A surprisingly inexpensive quartz watch that makes any outfit look ~complete~.

4. A set of rainbow makeup brushes with handles inspired by the majestic unicorn.

5. A beautifully illustrated edition of Shakespeare's love sonnets that is more lovely than a summer's day.

Get it from Amazon for $17.53.

6. A pair of noise-reducing headphones with super high-quality sound.

7. A comfy lingerie set that's pretty in pink floral lace.

8. A gold-trimmed box of Earl Grey that'll make you feel like you're having high tea at Buckingham Palace.

9. A four-pack of vases to turn the cheapest bouquet into wall art.

10. Plaid fleece-lined slippers that are like a ~country house~ for your feet.

11. A set of faceted diamond glasses that'll make your whiskey or wine taste top-shelf.

12. A set of golden playing cards that makes game night at home seem like a classy affair.

13. Realistically flickering electric candles that look like they're made of marble — and that won't ruin the romantic atmosphere when you knock them over.

14. A set of iridescent knives that are perfect for slicing goodies for colorful smoothie bowls — or slicing a big ole rainbow cake.

15. A super-plush charcoal faux fur throw that would look at home in an actual castle.

16. A 24k gold-plated Sterling silver anatomical heart necklace for the person who stole all four chambers of your heart.

17. A strand of rose string lights that turn any room into your personal secret garden.

18. A metallic cocktail shaker that's worthy of James Bond's shaken martinis.

19. Vintage-inspired earrings that will dazzle your eyes but not frazzle your wallet.

20. A golden stag head that'll keep your necklaces perfectly tangle-free.

21. A marble notebook that'll help you set your ideas ~in stone~.

22. A set of elegant and shatterproof champagne flutes for anyone who wants to bring the bubbly wherever they go.

23. A pink velvet bow tie that proves bow ties are cool.

Because the Doctor said so.

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