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23 Things That Will Make Your 8-Year-Old Self Jealous

Time to kid around.

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1. A Pokémon planter that'll help your succulent be the very best...like no plant ever was.

2. A comic book–inspired bag that looks actually 2D.

Get the backpack for $140 and the purse for $70 from Shopbop.

3. A Lego lunchbox you'll never want to step on.

4. A set of dry-erase magnets that turn your fridge into a Game Boy.

5. Temporary tattoo pens that are the dream of anyone who doodled on themselves in class.

6. A tauntaun sleeping bag that's perfect for cuddling and binging Star Wars.

7. Nintendo cartridge soaps that'll get you super (Mario) clean.

8. A tumbler that proclaims the choice you are fully able to make as an adult.

9. A glow-in-the-dark capture the flag set that'll make anyone's eyes light up.

10. A ping-pong set that turns any table or surface into a playable game.

11. A Nickelodeon coloring book that'll take you back to the '90s.

12. Dinosaur lights that will make your heart ~saur~.

Get them from ModCloth for $39.99 each.

Get the Stegosaurus here, T. rex here, and Triceratops here.

13. A pizza night-light for anyone who is still a little scared of the dark.

14. A M.A.S.H. notepad that does half the work for you.

15. A projector that turns your ceiling into the night sky.

Get it from Amazon for $108.97.

16. The Oregon Trail card game, which is basically a whole new method to get dysentery.

17. A large bubble wrap calendar that makes popping productive.

18. Light-up sneakers you can turn off in case things get ~serious~.

19. A lunch bag that encourages you to eat your Oreos first.

20. A fishtail blanket ideal for watching The Little Mermaid and thinking... Wait, she's only 16?!

21. A unicorn umbrella that brings a rainbow wherever you go.

Get it from Firebox for $33.79.

22. Cat ear headphones that are purrfect for listening to all your favorite throwback jams.

23. And a giant bag of just marshmallows, because grownups can skip the cereal part if they want.

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