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    37 Amazing Pairs Of Leggings That People Actually Swear By

    Because no pants are the best pants.

    1. LuLaRoe-level soft leggings (at less than LuLaRoe prices) you'll want to buy in every color. All 24 of them!

    2. Ruffle-hem leggings so you can make a fashion-forward statement while staying pajama-level comfy.

    3. High-waist athleggings with moisture-wicking fabric and a whopping 2,700 REVIEWS so you know you'll stay ridiculously comfy in them.

    4. Luxe velvet leggings that'll add a serious dose of winter glam to every outfit you put together.

    5. Graphic shark-print leggings to ~take a bite~ out of your bad mood.

    6. Stylish jeggings that'll make you want to burn the rest of your jeans; these'll give you all the put-together look of skinnies, but will never cut in or stretch out!

    7. High-waisted faux leather leggings for anyone who wants the look of the real deal (without paying those real leather prices).

    8. Mesh-insert athletic pants to make working out feel like a ~sheer~ delight.

    9. Striped leggings so you can join in on the athleisure trend while never feeling constricted or constrained — anywhere.

    10. True-to-color galaxy print leggings for some ~universal~ appeal.

    11. Hidden-pocket leggings with some stylish added ventilation for the best workout (or relaxation) of your life.

    12. Cotton-and-spandex blend leggings that'll kick your outfit up a notch, thanks to the cutout grommet accents.

    13. Faux suede leggings for the perfect blend of softness and chicness — the opening at the ankle makes for a perfect finishing touch.

    14. A multi-pack of fleece-lined leggings in a wide range of colors you can wear with each of your favorite sweaters.

    15. Antimicrobial, four-way stretch yoga pants that'll move WITH you, no matter what activity or exercise. And they have P O C K E T S!

    16. Super-soft brushed-lining leggings to make your lazy days feel a little more magical.

    17. Ponte leggings with seams down the front and zipper pockets so you can totally wear them to the office as pants.

    18. Super high-waist leggings that'll never turn see-through on your legs. At all.

    19. Classic Adidas three-stripe leggings for a trendy "Yay sports! Do the thing; win the points" look.

    20. Or a large-scale logo pair to make a bolder sporty statement.

    21. Paneled leggings that'll prove pants-less outfits aren't a ~hot mesh~.

    22. Brushed fair isle–print leggings, because your stems deserve to enjoy sweater weather, too!

    23. Leggings with a studded stripe down the side for a touch of still-not-quite-wearing-pants eleganza.

    24. Patterned leggings so you can inject some personality into your fifth leggings-and-a-sweater outfit this week.

    25. Distressed leggings with purposeful rips to add a dash of edgy style to your weekend look, because you're anything but basic.

    26. A classic black option that, at $3.90 per pair, will definitely be worth stocking up on.

    27. Thick, tapered leggings with a wide waistband to stay comfortable and completely opaque, meaning you're gonna buy 'em in every color.

    28. *Faux fur*–lined leggings so you can stay toasty warm without tons of layers — even at midwestern football games.

    29. Corduroy leggings (with a matching bralette!) for staying on-trend *and* cozy on casual Saturday afternoon hangs at home.

    30. Antimicrobial, moisture-wicking stirrup athleggings that'll take you from spin class to brunch without breaking a sweat. Or at least ensuring your sweat dries almost instantly.

    31. Moto-style leggings to help you feel like the utter badass you are.

    32. Plaid pull-ons with zipper pockets for all of the streeeetch of leggings but the polish of pants.

    33. Waffle-knit thermal leggings, because cozy sweater fabric shouldn't just be for your torso.

    34. Side-zip ~Gigi pants~ for that Audrey Hepburn ankle-length look with none of the binding waistband or stiff fabric discomfort of normal pants.

    35. Mid-rise jeggings with over 1,000 reviews that'll become one of your most reliable closet staples.

    36. C9 Champion high-waisted leggings that might survive the apocalypse. These babies last forever — even after being washed and worn a billion times.

    37. Cotton blend jeggings with *real* back pockets to trick everyone you know into thinking you're actually wearing skinny jeans (while you feel like you're wearing PJs!).

    When someone tells me to put on pants:

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