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33 Products Under $10 That Will Make You Feel Luxe AF

Stunning things at stunning prices.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. An iridescent triangular puzzle for fun at the tips of your fingers wherever you go.

Think Rubik's Cube, but so much better.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $10.

2. An antique-looking golden key that's secretly a bottle opener(!).

Talk about the key to my heart, amirite?

Get it from Amazon for $4.

Promising review: "I have it on my keychain and it makes it way easier to find my keys! Opens bottles well, but I've only opened a few. I wanted a bottle opener in my keychain but I'm a teacher so I didn't want it to be obvious that that's what it is, this was perfect." —S.

3. Sparkly throw pillows to inspire your creative side — with reversible two-tone sequins, you can create whatever pattern you want.

Get it from Amazon for $9.72. Available in 23 color combos (select colors over $10).

Promising review: "Amazing! I ordered several of these mermaid pillow cases and this silver/pink combination is the best. The contrast is amazing and just stroking this pillow is so calming. Everyone who comes over goes right for these pillows and spends all day/night stroking this pillow!" —Amazon Customer

4. A flock of butterfly wall stickers that bring the beauty of the outdoors inside...with none of the pesky pollen.

Bonus: These stickers make p-e-r-f-e-c-t accessories for flower crowns.

Get a set of 38 3D stickers from Amazon for $6.99. Available in eight color varieties.

5. A pair of gorgeous pastel bath bombs with just the right amount of scent and a long-lasting fizz.

The various scents have different purposes — like detoxify, calm, stimulate, cleanse, and awaken.

Get a set of two from Amazon for $9.99. Check out all the scents available here.

Promising review: "This is by far one of the most amazing bath bombs I have purchased in a while. I was very pleased with the scent especially, it wasn't too strong but was strong enough to linger on my skin even 24 hours after taking a bath with it! The bath bomb is the size of a tennis ball, does appear to crumble a bit but that shouldn't be an issue if you keep it in the box until you are ready to take a relaxing bath. Stayed fizzing for about three minutes! Definitely recommend this bath bomb to any fruit lovers out there." —Daisy

6. Elegant tapered candles that, when you burn them, become a dripping rainbow of wax.

And you thought you couldn't love candles more.

Get a pair of candles from Urban Outfitters for $4 or Amazon for $5.70 (you can also get larger packs on Amazon to save).

7. A garden-themed coloring book with intricate details to keep you relaxed for hours on end.

Get it on ModCloth for $8.99. (Also available on Amazon for $14.99.)

Promising review: "I love this book!!! The designs are so beautiful, the paper quality is very good. I just hope that I can do it justice. I would recommend this book to a friend." —Phillip E. Blaxton

8. Glitter-filled frames that make your memories even more special; just shake it up to get the party started.

Get them from Urban Outfitters for $6 each or two for $10.

9. A stunning pair of mirrored shades to help you see the world through rose-colored glasses.

Or whatever other color you order them in.

Get them from Amazon for $9.98. Available in 13 colors.

Promising review: "I absolutely love these sunglasses! I have two pairs now, rose gold and black, and both are gorgeous! They come in great packaging so as not to break during shipment and are amazing quality for how inexpensive they are. I always get compliments on my sunglasses and they are always unique because I hate having something everyone else is wearing. These are amazing and I would definitely recommend them!" —Mashal

10. A pair of pearl-encrusted bobby pins that are so pretty, they'll distract from how dirty your hair is.

This is a no-judgment zone, guys.

Get the set of two from Urban Outfitters for $4.99.

11. A strand of battery-operated rose lights crafted out of foam (not fabric) so they look way more expensive than they actually are.

Get them from Amazon for $8.99.

Promising review: "These lights are gorgeous! I haven't put them up yet, because I've been too busy taking pictures with them! I use these lights when I'm feeling artsy, I wrap them around myself and take cute pictures! I will be putting them up soon, but these are beautiful. The tint of the pink is perfect." —Kaela

12. A five-pack of lacy boyshorts at a price point that'll make you get rid of all your ratty undies and buy more of these instead.

Get the five-pack from Amazon for $9.95+. / Sizes XS-XXL.

Promising review: "These panties are very flattering and extremely comfortable. I've washed all of them several times now but, as with ALL lingerie, you need to use a garment bag when washing them. They look as pretty after three washes as they did when I opened them." —Amazon Customer

13. A rosy blush with a fluffy puff applicator to make you feel like an old-timey movie star when you put it on.

Get them from Amazon for $6.13+. Check out all the colors available here.

Promising review: "I only have good things to say about this blush! When you first open it, the blush does look much brighter than what was expected, but when I put it on it did not look super bright on my cheeks. It brightens up your complexion, and the puff applicator that came with the blush makes it go on very natural-looking. If you want a brighter pink, just keep building up until you get the desired intensity/shade you are looking for! Very nice color for my pale skin, but I think that this shade will look great on most skin tones! Very pretty blush!" —Bebe Rose

14. Color-changing LED night-lights that'll transform your room, bathroom, or hallway into a fairy's paradise.

They turn on automatically, so you don't have to remember to turn them on — plus it saves energy.

Get a pack of two night-lights from Amazon for $8.89.

Promising review: "They are just as cute and fun as in the picture. Not too bright — perfect for a nightlight. The light sensor works really well, so you don't need to pull them out of the socket in the morning. They also change color automatically which is also fun. The price is worth it. I would love to say something like 'transform your home into a dazzling night on a tropical island,' but let's face it, they are night-lights. If you want anything more then a cute night-light, contact your travel agent." —Starfleet Dad

15. A satin embroidered choker for anyone who's a little trendy but also a little 19th century.

Are you more 1990s or 1890s?

Get it from Forever 21 for $8.90.

16. A flamingo tape dispenser that'll make your desk look pretty in pink.

Get it from H&M for $6.99.

17. Organic and delicious-smelling soaps to gently cleanse your skin (the fact that they look like pretty rocks is just a bonus).

Guys, they ILLUMINATE when you dunk them in water!

Get them from Anthropologie for $7.95 each.

Promising review: "The chunk of Soaprock barely fits in my hand. HUGE is an understatement. It gives a rich lather and the scent is wonderful. I normally can't use scented soap, but had no itching from this. It leaves even the driest of skin squeaky clean without residue. I've been using it for three weeks and it still appears the same size. I'm calling it the Everlasting Soaprock." —Geo in California

18. A mythically cute headband that'll keep your hair out of your face during your entire 42-step skin care routine.

Keeping your strands free of frizz and grease and extending the time before your next wash. 🙌

Get it from Cotton On for $9.99.

19. A set of minimalist binder clips to make all of your important documents look more ~put together~.

Bonus: Just add matching copper thumbtacks for a stylish (and inexpensive) way to hang unframed art!

Get the set of six from Amazon for $6.

20. An elegant diamond-topped pen for when you want your words set in (gem)stone.

Get it from Amazon for $8.99. Available in gold and rose gold.

Promising review: "Very interesting pen! The fake diamond on top is bigger than my engagement ring! Hahaha... But I like the style and it definitely writes well, as a pen should. Not much else to be said about a pen. Good item!" —Happy Customer

21. A five-strand pearl necklace in a seafoam green that would inspire jealousy in any mermaid.

Get it from Forever 21 for $8.90. Also available in cream.

22. Gold-rimmed glasses to make drinking even plain old water far more glamorous.

Much prettier than that Ikea set you got right out of college.

Get them from H&M for $5.99 each.

23. Sheer floral curtains that add a touch of romance to any room or window.

Get them from Amazon for $5.90 (for a single 106" panel). Available in 14 different flower varieties and colors.

Promising review: "These curtains are absolutely GORGEOUS!! Ridiculously low price for the quality. The items arrived much faster than anticipated, even though it was not a Prime item." —Festygirl

24. A rose gold elephant to display your very favorite rings from your jewelry ~trunk~.

Get it from Amazon for $9.20. Available in six animal varieties.

Promising review: "Adorable! That is the word that comes to mind to describe this cute little elephant. Her trunk is raised as the elephant symbol for good luck! It is very substantial and heavier than I thought it would be; it feels great in your hand and looks great and stands up perfectly. The surface is smooth and beautiful with no defects. If you love elephants or know someone who does, this would make a fabulous gift! I bought this for myself as a little pick-me-up and it makes me smile just to look at it. Everyone who has noticed it on my desk has commented on how cute it is!" —Bella

25. A rainbow highlighter that'll brighten up the gloomiest rainy days — and doesn't cost a whole pot of gold.

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

Promising review: "Was delivered earlier than expected! Came in a very cute box. The colors are beautiful, and for this price it's amazing! I love it!" —MJ

26. An illuminating sheet mask to transform your pampering time into a masquerade ball.

A mask-querade, if you will.

Get it from Ulta for $8.

Promising review: "They are easy to apply and as soon as you put them on, your face feels hydrated. I kept it on for about 5-10 minutes. There's no need to rinse off afterwards, just simply massage remaining product into your skin. The next morning my face looked so refreshed, hydrated, and healthy! I am ordering more!" —Chrissy

27. A sweet unicorn piggy bank for anyone whose savings account is the stuff of myth.

Save up those coins, and maybe you can get an actual unicorn!

Get it from Asos for $9.

28. Golden frames that make hanging or changing up your artwork incredibly easy.

And it looks elegant as hell.

Get it from H&M for $9.99. Available in gold and silver. Also available in a large size and an octagonal shape.

29. Clear blue or charcoal resin rings filled with gold flake that you'll never want to take off.

Get the blue one from Aura Lights Co on Etsy for $7.35 and the charcoal one from Seras Beach on Etsy for $7.68.

30. A set of gorgeous, any-occasion thank-you notes for anyone whose manners are practically perfect in every way.

Get the set of 12 notecards and stickers from Amazon for $9.58.

31. A 14k gold-plated monogram necklace that you'll want to wear lit'rally every day.

*Note: It's the same three initials in a row, because your first name is really the most important*

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

Promising review: "My favorite necklace to date! I have been looking for a necklace like this for months, something oversized and simple yet different. I wear it most days and get compliments on it all the time!" —Amazon Customer

32. A pair of wall-mounted vases to add a touch of greenery to your walls with low effort.

For peak laziness, toss an air plant in there.

Get a set of two from Amazon for $9.99.

33. A jumbo-size flute that can hold an entire bottle of that bubbly goodness.

Forget one little flute, we're talking a whole ~orchestra~ of champagne.

Get it from Amazon for $11.99. Yes, it's over $10, but you've saved so much on everything else you deserve a whole bottle of champagne that fits in ONE GLASS.

Can't have champagne overflows, now can we?

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