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    32 Cool And Random Things You Can Probably Afford

    Oh cool, guess I need all these now.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A universal phone mount that securely locks inside your car's cupholder and has an adjustable gooseneck so you can tilt it with ease.

    2. An impossibly cozy sherpa quarter-zip sweatshirt you'll probably wear all fall and winter. It's the perfect combo of low-key trendy, mega-warm, and really wearable.

    3. A colander-bowl hybrid for easily rinsing produce, then bringing it to the table in one bowl (without dripping all over the place) or straining pasta (while reserving a little pasta water to add to your sauce).

    4. A His Dark Materials pin for anyone who loved the books and is maj looking forward to the new HBO series — and may cry every time they look at this pin.

    5. An eight-inch flexible bottle-cleaning brush durable enough to scrub away caked-on grime, but soft enough to form to any weird shape you might need to clean — including that fancy wine decanter.

    6. A fluffy bunny backpack that's 1. adorable 2. practical (it has two nice and roomy pockets) and 3. has one of the cuter reviews I've ever seen.

    7. A set of six vintagey metallic feather bookmarks so you can keep track of your spot without (heaven forbid) dog-earing the pages.

    8. A fringed rhinestone hair clip for an effortless and party-ready hairstyle that'll look *even better* when you're dancing.

    9. A single-handed tape dispenser you should buy *now* to make stress-wrapping gifts in December way, way easier. Just pull the lever to cut the tape!

    10. A subscription to Disney+ so you can have access to all the DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movies, duh!), Marvel, classic Disney Animation, and Star Wars content of your dreams.

    11. A bottle of No Pore-Blem primer to smooth out the canvas of your skin pre-foundation, diminishing the look of pores and uneven skin — all while protecting and adding moisture, thanks to collagen and green tea extract!

    12. A tee you can point to all day on Thanksgiving any time a family member asks you....basically any question. "How's work?" "How's your significant other?" "What's up?" "Do you want more green bean casserole?"

    13. A hand-crank coffee bean grinder with an adjustable grind selector so you can churn out grounds for all your needs: from coarse for cold brew or French press to silky and fine for an espresso machine.

    14. Glossier's lip gloss if you need a break from drying lipsticks but still want a little ~something something~ on your pout.

    15. A dough-rolling bag so the perfect pie crust or pizza base is easier than ever. Just pop in your dough, zip, and roll until it's the right size.

    16. Grab Life By The Balls, a book of life lessons from BuzzFeed's The Good Advice cupcake for anyone who always tags you in the captions of her Instagram posts.

    17. Lavender-filled plush slippers you can warm up in the microwave so you can cozy up and relax at the end of a long day. Ahhhhhhh.

    18. A BuzzFeed Tasty ~cookie kit~ with everything you need to make the Ultimate! Mini! Gingerbread house! including gingerbread mix, icing mix, a piping bag and cookie cutter, sprinkles, and jelly beans.

    19. A pair of lil' leaf scoopers to help make clearing your lawn less of a, well, chore.

    20. A stylish Novogratz scented candle with notes of amber and sea salt to add a relaxing atmosphere to all your upcoming family gatherings.

    21. Or a gold foiled, skull-shaped flameless candle, because Halloween's not a holiday that happens once a year. It's a lifestyle.

    22. A soft but light infinity scarf with *two* zipper pockets so you can stash away your phone, a credit card, and a lip balm for errand runs when you don't want to schlep a whole purse with you.

    23. A velvet-covered zodiac notebook for journaling how your day *actually* went after reading your Costar horoscope. It also makes a thoughtful-seeming last minute gift!

    24. An OXO turkey baster with a stand and curved tip so not one precious drop of ~bird juice~ ends up on your counter — and more ends up keeping your centerpiece dish MOIST.

    25. A Vivienne Sabó mascara reviewers swear by to majorly lengthen and thicken their lashes. When someone asks you what mascara you use, you can just say "Oh, it's French."

    26. A set of Golden Girls shot glasses, because *of* course you and your three besties need this. But I'm not promising you guys won't get in a fight figuring out who should get each glass.

    27. A draft stopper you can easily install (just peel and stick!) on your door to keep your home the temperature you *want* to to be, whether you're keeping the A/C in during the summer or the cold out during the winter.

    28. A five-in-one wine stopper that'll also aerate, filter out cork particles, pour neatly, and re-cork the bottle.

    29. A Luminoodle — an LED lighting strip you can affix to the back of your TV for a backlighting effect that'll create sharper images, increase color contrast, and reduce eye strain.

    30. A gorgeous selenite lamp people will thing you spent a ~pretty~ penny in. Move over, Himalayan salt lamps!

    31. A pack of leopard accented socks that, when you flash a bit of ankle, will make all your friends say "ME-YOW!"

    32. A Vanderpump Rules–inspired sweatshirt for anyone who watched the trailer for the new season and is dying for the drama to unfold.

    🎵 RAAAAISE your glasses HIIIIIIGH! 🎵

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