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23 Cheap Ways To Make College Suck Less

Lower your blood pressure and raise your GPA.

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3. Try microwaveable cookers that'll satisfy your cravings and help you eat healthy, even when the dining hall closes.


10. Make taking care of your mental health a priority.

Do little things like have check-ins with your professors and familiarize yourself with your school's counseling center.

Check out this important and helpful guide here.


13. Keep your files from vanishing (your computer will crash at least once) by getting the most out of free storage services.

iCloud only offers up to 5GB of free storage. After that, you can get another 5GB free using Amazon Cloud Drive. If you're a Prime user, however, you'll get unlimited free photo storage (not videos, audio, or documents).

Google Drive gives 15GB to its users, but most of this is usually taken up by your email. If you have a Chrome OS device, you'll get another 100GB for free.

Once you've used up all those options, there's Box, which gives 10GB of free storage, and Dropbox, which gives 2GB.

15. Calm your mind with gorgeous and meditative mobile games.

Ustwo, Water Games

Check out 12 different mobile games here.

Get Monument Valley for $3.99 on iOS and 99 cents on Android and the succulent-growing game Viridi for free on iOS and Android.


18. Record important lectures on your phone or computer (in case you fall asleep).


You'll also thank yourself later when you're chin-deep in studying for finals and you can't remember what your professor said about a particular topic.

You should be able to get a decent recording with your phone's audio app, or you can buy a higher-quality recorder from Amazon for $47.


20. Eliminate one more cause of sickness by sanitizing your germ-loving phone with a phone soap.

Yep, our phones have actual pathogens (disease-causing bacteria) on them. If you're one of the many humans who use their phones in the bathroom, then you're guilty of carrying around harmful bacteria and fungi.

Not convinced that the soap works? It does! My phone in this study was the only one that was CLEAN. I also haven't gotten sick since I purchased it over a year ago.

Get it from Amazon for $50 (yes, it's pricey, but you'll save on trips to the doctor, medicine, failing grades, etc.).

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