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29 Last-Minute Gifts From Target For Everyone On Your List

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1. A Space Cats calendar that functions as a schedule organizer AND as incredible piece of wall art.


4. A night-in gift set for anyone who needs a luxurious bubble bath...and also a cocktail.


14. An Apple TV for anyone who's been thinking about cutting the (cable) cord for years.

15. A game-building device that lets you design pixelated characters and levels — and then actually play them in the app!


21. An LED rainbow shower head that makes any shower a psychedelic experience.

22. A digital picture frame that'll help keep your loved one's photos actually up to date.


24. An elegant wine glass that holds — yes — a whole bottle.

26. An electric mask that'll help anyone feel like Chewbacca Mom.


28. A French bulldog tape dispenser that'll comfort anyone whose work day is a little...woof.

29. A raccoon body pillow that loves to cuddle and also eat trash.

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