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39 Gifts From Target To Check Off Everyone On Your Nice List

One. Stop. Shopping.

Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. An inflatable ring toss that turns Uncle Bob into a reindeer.

2. A pair of fleece unicorn slippers for anyone who is always freezing their rainbow tail off.

3. A Tile item finder for the Nevile Longbottom of your friend group.

It links to a smartphone app so they can always track it down. Perfect for their keys, jacket, backpack, and more!

Price: $24.99

4. An adorable instant camera for the memory-collector in your family.

5. A set of four wood and marble coasters for the hostess with the mostess.

Or the mostess rings on her fancy coffee table.

Price: $11.99

6. A toddler-sized present purse that's almost too cute.

7. A craft kit (or two) for the aspiring Nifty producer.,

Price: $9.99 (cross stitch kit), $14.99 (paper flower kit)

8. A lit-up tinsel llama for the quirkiest holiday decorator.

Today in "things I didn't know I needed."

Price: $49.99

9. A Roomba mopping robot for the laziest person you know.

10. A set of four rainbow goblets that add a touch of magic to drinking wine.

Price: $22.99 (for a set of four)

11. A ceramic dish that adds style to whatever she's used for — as a planter, trinket-holder, or pencil cup.

12. A colorful teepee that makes a great fort or reading nook.

13. A pack of six pampering face masks for anyone who needs a solid self-care Sunday.

Starting on January 1.

Price: $9.95

14. An Oregon Trail card game for anyone with fourth-grade nostalgia.

A family that gets dysentery together, stays together.

Price: $14.99

15. A Burt's Bees gift set for the person whose least favorite word is moist — but still wants soft lips and hands.

16. A wooden activity cube that's like going to the zoo without having to leave the house.

There's even a roller coaster on top!

Price: $59.99

17. A chocolate mint macaron kit for anyone with an insatiable sweet tooth.

18. A shaving kit for the stubbly gent who needs a little pampering.,

Price: $31.99 (silver-plated set), $36.96 (Harry's shave kit).

19. A virtual reality viewer that pairs with a smart phone for a ~fully immersive~ experience.

For the early adopter.

Price: $129.99

20. A toasty foot warmer for the anyone who needs an extra dose of coziness this year.

21. A sea salt caramel hot chocolate mix for the person who is sometimes so sweet...and sometimes a little salty.

22. A golden jewelry stand to hang with the daintiest baubles.,

Price: $29.99 (coral), $28.89 (twig).

23. A gold-tipped hedgehog lamp for the person who wishes they could have one as a pet.

Somewhat lower maintenance than an actual animal.

Price: $49.99

24. An ice cream truck that'll inspire every kid to own a truly ~sweet ride~.

25. A touch-activated dispenser to fill with the candy of the future.

IDK like Mars bars?

Price: $14.99

26. A stuffed moose and blanket set that keeps it all together.

27. A limited edition makeup brush set that gleams in gold.

Glow up.

Price: $39.99

28. A Hatchimal for any kid who loves to cuddle.

Hold it close to hatch it, hear its heartbeat, and even teach it to talk!

Price: $49.99

29. A microwave popcorn popper for any Olivia Pope who likes to choose their own seasoning.

30. A monofin for any mermaid learning how to use their tail.,

Price $27.99 (left), $31.99 (right)

31. A splash-proof speaker that plays a light show to match the rockin' tunes.

Price: $119.99 (on sale from $199.99).

32. A faux-fur pillow that's basically begging to be hugged.

33. A cheery beverage dispenser for the person who makes the most killer holiday punch.

Thanks for the hangover, Rhonda!

Price: $29.99

34. A cozy hoodie for the special unicorn you know.

35. A bluetooth beanie that plays music and keeps your ears warm — no headphones needed.

Price $24.99 / Available in four colors.

36. A Pixi makeup palette for the beauty maven who likes to experiment with color.

37. A movie night dog toy pack for a pup who wants to ~Netflix and chew~ during your ~Netflix and chill~.

Me, to my own joke: "Woof."

Price: $6.99

38. A holiday-themed bath bomb with surprises hidden inside.

Price: $4.99 each

39. An Escape the Room board game for anyone who needs to escape whatever family conversation is going on.

Everyone, when opening presents from you this year:


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