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23 Reasons You Should Lust After This "Game Of Thrones" Actor

This Dutch actor deserves your full attention.

1. Michiel Huisman is a Dutch actor who is on his way to being a mega superstar in no time.

2. Most people will recognise him from Game of Thrones, where he plays Daario Naharis, Daenerys' tasty hunk of meat.

3. Not only does he display his acting talents, he also shows off his dazzling physique...

4. And a perky derrière.

Khaleesi's like: "DAMMMMN BOY".

5. Other celebs have noticed his undeniable sexiness.

6. Michiel also stars alongside Blake Lively in The Age of Adaline.

7. And again, as a treat for us all, his shirt comes off.

8. Not only does Huisman play the perfect gentleman in most of his films, he seems to truly BE one. Here he is giving his co-star a helping hand.

9. In last year's Chanel ad he kissed the crap out of Gisele Bündchen.

10. In fact, most kissing scenes Huisman delivers with expertise.

11. Of course, in the Netherlands, Huisman has been famous for a long time.

He started out in the long-running soap opera Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden and here he is in the show Costa! playing Bart, a club promoter.

12. He also melted our little Dutch hearts in Floris.

Basically a child-friendly version of A Knight's Tale.

13. Even in DOUBLE DENIM he kills it.

14. Despite having long locks you just want to twirl around your fingers, Huisman looks great in a beanie.

15. He wore this funny ensemble on the cast float of Treme during Mardi Gras.

16. Huisman has a stare that SLAYS on the red carpet.

17. Dead, we're all dead 👻

18. He also appreciates a strong espresso.

19. Here he is with a little baby lamb.

20. Sometimes, he's even too hot for shoes.

21. Can someone please send us this cast as soon as it's done? THANKS.

22. Huisman is married to Dutch actress Tara Elders, and the two have an adorable daughter together.

They both starred on the covers of L’OFFICIEL NL last year.

So many relationship goals. <3

23. In short: Michiel, never change.