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31 Pics Of Insanely Hot Eurovision Dudes You Want To Give All Your Points To

Twelve points for twelve dudes.

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2. Not gonna lie, definitely want to get into that tub with him.

3. His backside is rather lovely too.

Instagram: @douwebob

4. Freddie (Hungary) has a beautiful head of hair you just want to run your hands through.

Same tbh.

12. Michal Szpak's (Poland) sultry eyes are just inviting you to come join him in bed.

Instagram: @michal_szpakofficial

13. Look at that Jesus mane.

14. Francois Micheletto (Cyprus) loves dogs as much as we'd love to have his arms around us.

Instagram: @francoismicheletto

18. Lazarev Sergey (Russia) is super hunky and has great Snapchat game.

Instagram: @lazarevsergey

19. He's also very adorable when he almost trips.

21. Donny Montell's (Lithuania) jawline is basically a work of art.

Instagram: @donnymontell

24. Hovi Star's (Israel) saucy smile makes you want to get up and dance.

Instagram: @hovistar

25. Right back at ya Hovi.

26. Justs Sirmais (Latvia) is edgy, sexy and instantly lovable.

Instagram: @justs_sirmais

27. Look at those selfie skills.

28. Jake shakeshaft (UK) looks like he'll steal your girl any day.

Quick knockout snap! #teamwill #knockouts

29. And lastly there's Joe Woolford (also UK) with some impeccable eyebrows and a smile that makes you want to shout "DOUZE POINTS!"

30. Smooth Joe, smooth.